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  1. valuedcustomer myfico132 myfico142 working today 6/10 thanks for the info!!
  2. Hi, I was searching here but I can't find a thread of this topic. If I've overlooked please direct me. My home was foreclosed on in 2001. I was not living there but it was also in my name. After too many debts from the previous marriage, I filed Ch 7 in 2002 and discharged March 2002. As per your forum, I am working to... 1. raise fico, (EQ mid 500's, TU low 600's) 2. pay newly acquired credit off, and 3. correct misc CA to report IIB, currently stating charge off. My question-- How long does foreclosure have to be out before getting approved for loan? I spoke with someone and they said it had to be so many years but I can't remember how long. Is there anything else I'm missing to prepare for a loan? I'm looking to start in the fall. TIA

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