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  1. Here is a list from the mass.gov site. These are all the licensed Collectors in MA. http://www.mass.gov/Eoca/docs/dob/dclist.xls this file has been scanned - it's a list of licensed collectors, from the Massachusets State website.
  2. Typical. When they have nothing, they offer a settlement. You dont need to send WWR a copy of anything. Tell them to try harder at DV. jack1212 Thanks Jack! I will DV them reminding that I am still awaiting the first DV. LVNV is reporting to CRA's on this also. I did do an online dispute but it came back as verified. So I got the typical treatment as far as the 3 min rule with disputes.
  3. Ok .. I've been in kind of a waiting game with LVNV. It all started last year with a letter from Leading Edge for Resurgent. I DV'd Leading Edge CMRR and heard nothing. Earlier this year I received a letter from WW&R for LVNV. I DV'd and heard nothing from them until today. I received a second Dunning from WW&R for same account but different amount wanting a settlement. I have my paper trail and this is an obvious violation. The letter I received today is not on WW&R letterhead like the first one. But has the address which is the same as the first letter. I'm going to DV them again. Should I include in this DV that I have sent a validation request on this account earlier this year and include a copy of the return receipt, and DV letter?

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