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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I don't qualify to become a member so, what else is out there?
  2. I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere but I can't find it! What's the best/most popular credit monitoring service? I want to monitor all three reports. TIA!
  3. Jess6

    FICO score

    I see, thank you!
  4. Jess6

    FICO score

    How often does your score update? If I pay down utilization today, how soon would I see the change in score? TIA
  5. depends on your state. Thanks Jen! I am in NC.
  6. Thanks all! I am politely asking them to communicate in writing only. << crossing fingers! >>
  7. Question! Can you ask a CREDITOR to stop calling when they are trying to collect a debt? Or is that only for collection agencies? TIA!
  8. They won't stop until you send them a limited C&D telling them in writing that it's inconvenient to receive calls at home AND your place of business. Do you have the number they are calling from? Can you google the number to find out who they are? I'd suggest asking them who they are and their mailing address next time they call. Don't say anything else. Hang up and write a letter. Good Luck!
  9. Here's one for you: Hospital's CA and address Your name and address Date Re: Your file # xxxxxx-xx Dear Sir or Madam: This is a request that you cease and desist any and all telephone collection. All correspondence must be done by postal mail, as it is inconvenient for me to receive calls at home or my place of business. Your receipt of this letter will be considered as having granted consent to the taping of any telephone calls to me at my home or business by you or your agents or assignees. Sincerely, me
  10. Mine stayed the same but I have increased utilization.
  11. OMG I'm so mad! Will was THE best dancer on that show!
  12. I'll just add it here! My sis-in-law told me about it YEARS ago and I just got around to joining last year...

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