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  1. So nice of them to ignore judgements under $100 for library fines and parking tickets. Now what about those of us with medical judgements? A little help for us too would be appreciated.
  2. I had it happen yesterday as well. Got an error that one of the bureau's was unavailable and it couldn't complete my request and to come back later. I went back later, only to discover it HAD successfully updated, and I had 11 TU INQ's (Had 2 the day before) and my TC score dropped 13 points. Funny thing is, I just pulled today, and I'm down to 10 INQ's. WTF?
  3. heidiroo

    Macy's GLI

    In light of this thread, I decided to call. Got my card in June of this year with a $400 limit, they bumped it up to $600 around September or so where it has remained. Called and asked if I was eligible for a GLI and they doubled it to $1200. Not bad!
  4. Hi Whychat, I had surgery in March of 2006 and my insurance had only covered about $1,000 of the $5,000 bill. I had been making payments to the hospital, but they woudln't let me setup a payment plan because I couldn't afford the amount per month they wanted. So they lady said to basically pay what I could but it wouldn't be considered a payment plan. I paid them around $50-$100/month. Lo and behold, obviously, it wasn't enough for the hospital, so they sent me to a lawyer. The lawyer served me and took it to court. I called the lawyer to make payment arrangements. I've been making the payments as agreed, even though I can't afford it ($450/month) and won't be able to heat my home this winter, but thats a different story, paying those stupid mofos at the hospital are more important, gotta love non-universal health care, anyway . . . I didn't show up at court, didn't think I had to, as I made arrangements with the lawyer, but after the court date passed, I got a letter telling me there was a judgement automatically against me for not showing up. And sure enough, last week, it showed up on my CR: Type: Judgment Status: Filed Date Filed/Reported: 09/10/2008 How Filed: Individual Reference #: ######## Closing Date: Court: Circuit Court Plaintiff: (HOSPITAL NAME) Action Amount: $1888 I had gone through all the credit repair tips for the rest of my credit and it was near squeaky clean, just waiting for two items to fall off at the end of this year and my credit would of been wonderful, but now this. How can I get rid of it???? Thanks WhyChat!
  5. Subject line says it all. Current TU is 663, 1 inq, 0 baddies, but a short credit file (almost 7 years) several new accounts this year. Anyone?
  6. I agree with... everything!!! My DH and I actually did get married with gold bands........ in fact, we were so young and broke that I cashed in savings bonds to buy them, then he paid for us to elope! We drove 4+ hours to a tiny chapel in Miami, Oklahoma (no waiting period! LOL), got married, then drove the 4+ hours home. Oh, and we went thru the Long John Silver's drive thru that night. It was so romantic! We had no money - and didn't think going into debt for a ring, wedding, or anything else was worth it. We were crazy in love and just wanted to spend (all of our) time with each other. Honestly, it doesn't sound like this girl is in love with you - or she would realize that your dating debt would eventually be her debt too - and you'd be paying it off together. This would mean less money to save for that big wedding that she may want - or house - or to raise your future children with. If she believes in going into debt for food/drinks/entertainment, it's just going to get worse. This may not be the girl for you. Aww, you and your DH's story sound like me and mine's! We were both low-ranking sailors, he was about to get out of the military, we didn't have two dimes to rub together, but managed to get the $30 to pay for our JOP marriage! A few months later, we had saved enough for our K-mart special gold bands ($40 for both, they had some sort of 70% of sale going on). We still wear those gold bands today! (5 1/2 years later) Never saw the point in going into debt for a wedding. To me, its a bad way to start of a marriage. OP, ditch the gold digger!!
  7. How long ago was this? Since the house is paid off, I am sure it will be easy, however I only paid 25k for the house and redid everything and is now appraised at 86k I would like to know this also. This was about 3 years ago. Funnily enough, I paid $25k for the house as well. The house wasn't paid off, but as far as NFCU knew it was (Personal loan from FIL). IIRC, I stated the value of the home as 30k and the requested amount 25k (to fully pay off my FIL).
  8. Go for the gold, ask for the full 15k!
  9. For c/c cli they do not pull, I would imagine it's the same for the LOC. After all my reading I'm embarrassed to admit this is the first time I've heard of this. Do they pull a soft, Joe? Not that I've noticed BUT I never really look at my softs so I'm not 100% sure. I do not have a current EQ to look at either, sorry. Not a big deal really, just curious. I haven't requested an increase on any of my cards, waiting for the 6 month mark. This thread inspired me to go have my LOC maxed out though, it was at $10K already. Unfortunately my morning pull shows a new NFCU EQ inquiry. Maybe they only pull for increases on the LOC? I had the pull this morning as well! So sorry!
  10. heidiroo- Congrats on your increase! The max on Navcheck is actually 15K. Oh yea congrats. And correct, 15K is the max. Dammit man! I shot too low!
  11. So this AM, I got the bright idea to try and up my Navcheck LOC from the measly $500 I've had for about 4 years, to the max, $10,000. I applied online, and amazingly enough, it was instantly approved. But, I haven't seen a credit pull yet. Can I assume one wasn't done? It was instant within seconds, which surprises me, cos my CC's and their CLI's were never instant. Although, my car loan requests were instantly approved but instant was more like 30 seconds and I got a pull. Anyone else?
  12. I have a home equity loan with them. If I recall, it was fairly simple and straightforward. I didn't provide any proof of income docs, there was no appraisal done, nothing.

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