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  1. This is what we call " selective memory " in the trade! LOL! Somehow, I didn't think you would recall the details of the discussion. I am done with this. And as the quasi leader of this esteemed group of credit experts, you ought to be too!
  2. I thought you would be busy eating humble pie by now, knowing how wrong you were about the other member's success in disputing what you said was " Impossible "....LOL!
  3. My company is in the Biotechnology business, with plans to move into a related technology called Nanotechnology and Investments for both industries.
  4. Here is a really dumb question from a newbie to the business credit world: How does one verify their business is listed with 411, exactly? I just signed up with my phone company, using EIN number, with a business address. The phone company tells me the business will be listed with 411 a few days after the phone line is installed. How do I verify this 411 presence before applying for business credit?
  5. Marv: All this makes sense. The CU's I have been familiar with are out west. One in AZ, one in Utah, and another in CO. I have also noticed that CU's use either EQ or EX, but rarely TU. Which brings up another question. I am in Utah, and I am considering a REFI with Pentagon Federal CU. If they refi, how do they get true security on the title? I thought anyone financing an auto wanted the title in the state where the re fi company is. Clearly, I am ignorant. Could you help me understand this?
  6. I belive lenders use either NADA to estimate auto re fi value, or they use Kelley Blue Book, which offers values at the opposite end of the value spectrum. If you pick a refi CU which uses Kelley, then you might be very surprised to see them lend you more than you expect. YMMV
  7. First USA does not have the best reputation on this board, or other similar ones. A friend of mine had three listings on each CRA from them. Her first dispute letter disputed all three, and she got three deletions from TU. Have not heard about the results with the other CRA's, because I think we disputed another group first on the other CRA reports for her. I think they sell credit cards.
  8. Doubtful. And if it is a legit inq that goes with a current and reporting acct, I wouldn't dispute it. If you do and the cra sends a dispute to the creditor, they may just cancel your acct. The chances a creditor is going to cancel an active account if the hard inquiry is deleted after the approval is very, very, very, unlikely. As in once in a blue moon. I would not build my credit plan around this assumption.
  9. Dear Missdivantx: One of the things I have learned lately is to be liberal with my requests for CLI's. It hurts emotionally to get rejected, but as my scores get better and better I am finding " Yes " appears unexpectedly behind a lot more doors than I would have ever expected. Part of the issue now is getting used to asking, knowing my scores are so much better. It requires both a habit pattern change, and an attitude change.
  10. WOW, just had my business line installed Bell South for now, didn't give EIN or SSN, just company name, as a matter of fact didn't give dnb number either. 3 lines though. HMMM. No deposit, but will change carriers soon, they want $180 per month for service, and I know I can get cheaper. Just needed this for now so that we have a wroking phone to switch from. Just moved this weekend. Is it possible Bell South just used your existing SSN number on your home phone? I cannot believe they would set up a new account without some form of leverage to make sure they got paid. Do you think they simply gamble that the phone bills could never be that much anyway, and just not ask for the SSN or EIN? It seems so much more likely they used your SSN and identity from your home account with BellSouth.
  11. Dear Missdivantx: If you are interested in increasing the CL with Chase, here is my very recent experience: Chase approved me for $2500, based on a TU report that had to be in the mid 600's at the time, 650-660. I called back to increase it after getting word on the card's approval, and asked for a higher CL. They pulled a second inq, even though the kid assured me they would not, but then approved me a week after the card was first approved, for $7500. So now I am sitting at 0% on that BT for 9 months, which they simply transferred into my US Bank checking account as I had to pay off two accounts with the single BT.
  12. You did not cost me any money at all! Don't worry. I was going to purchase all three reports either yesterday or today, and given the reporting specifics it actually made no difference, in the end, whether it was today or yesterday. So it worked out perfectly. By keeping an active dispute with EXP I can access my full report anytime online with a report number that is less than 90 days old. However, with EQ that is a lot tougher and TU almost impossible except to dispute things I know are already there. With EXP I can see the entire report online anytime, but EQ seems always to have issues with verifying information online in order to let me access any detailed EQ information. In the end, by keeping an active report with each one I can keep disputing and adjusting information each time I call, asking for a new report, and keeping a live report number most of the year. That is what I have worked out for reports, but scores are clearly a different matter. Here's one for you! This is a FREE EXP report, online. Copy and paste. It is on another thread on this board, and it works! I was amazed. https:// www.experian.com/consumer/cac/02_Registration.jsp
  13. Dear crofttk Interestingly, I signed up with MYCFICO last night, but guess what? It pulled the credit reports as soon as I signed up! I am sure I signed up for it somehow differently than you suggested, because it never gave me any options except to enter the discount code and then took me directly into my FICO scores and reports. The good news is that my EQ FICO score was what I wanted it to be. Bad news is that my large payments and therefore utilization on my revolving accounts had not yet been updated on my TU report, and therefore my scores on that report were not going to change from yesterday to today anyway! So it all worked out fine. I got the same FICO scores I would have if I had done things the way I thought I ought to have done them yesterday. To clarify, though, for a neophite: the three reports I purchased remain available for 30 days. Anytime I want a new report or a new FICO score for any of the three CRA's, I have to purchase one on line for $9-$12.95, depending on discounts, etc? Purchasing the three I got last night allows me to see those snapshots of my three scores and reports on that day, July 6, but nothing later, like PG allows us to pull new reports and the FAKO scores.
  14. Thanks, 8004me. I called COSTCO's Accessline phone group while I was waiting, and found they do not offer local phone service in Utah. It sounds like that particular method won't work, but since I will be incorporating in Nevada, maybe I ought to be asking them about a Nevada service instead.
  15. Do you recall how long after you signed up with COSTCO's Telephone Service before you were listed on 411, and had usable phone service? I am a member of COSTCO and could very well sign up with them for my new business within the week if they offer the service you suggested.

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