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  1. Stay off the PHONE write the corporate office CMMR. explain just as you did here, AND that you were a active duty servicemember at the time and disabled , that your husband signed you up and the doctors stated you couldn't and shouldn't . & send them a copy of your disability papers
  2. LOL< Probably the same guys who are banned now think the Buffalo Gang just moved south
  3. I"m sorry that no one else here is outraged, - you resolved this 2 different times, once with the old management, and once with a CA 3 years ago, I believe that you shouldn't have to pay it now for services that were never rendered, and it should not be listed on your credit reports if you're still in the military, see if the JAG office will make a call on your behalf, if you're out, call the news Stations / Papers
  4. it's most likely a scammer , if they have a judgment and garnishment order in hand, they wouldn't need to call up and ask you to settle it's all BS , sure your BK Lawyer will tell you just like these guys who were shut down https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/09/ftc-settlements-ban-fraudulent-debt-collectors-debt-collection Global Processing Solutions, Advanced Mediation Group, Lamar Snow, Jahaan McDuffie, and Glentis Wallace According to the FTC’s complaint, the defendants’ debt collection business model was based on falsely claiming to consumers that they had committed a crime and would be sued, have their wages garnished, or be put in prison if they did not pay purported debts. In many instances, the defendants collected on debts consumers had already paid or that the defendants otherwise had no authority to collect. They also illegally contacted consumers’ employers and other third parties, and failed to provide written notices and disclaimers required by law. https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/021_complaint.pdf
  5. Do you still have the paperwork on the Gym Membership ; sounds like the Training sessions were over and beyond the regular membership fees ? Are you still in the military or discharged ? Call up the local TV station or newspaper , they love this kind of stuff , the reporter will call the Gym, at which point all your troubles will probably disappear state your case - these folks are charging a disabled servicemember for services never used, and you had prior conversations and provided medical records as to why, and now it's effecting your credit years later when you were told it would never be any problem , and never received any past due billing charges at the time
  6. Not All debts are reportable anymore don't think Gym fees are reportable anymore - it wasn't a " Credit Transaction" Dispute it with the CRA's " this is not a credit related transaction and does not belong on my credit reports" Send a letter to the CA threatening to sue
  7. None actually, the repo past due is going to show up on their Dredit report , and they are going to be sued for the deficiency balance due tell them they should look up thier home states UCC Title 9 secured transactions laws
  8. on a leased vehicle, one is responsible for the " condition" of the auto when the lease is ended. and the cosigner is responsible also - What if the Auto is trashed ?
  9. If BOA Sold the settled account , you can sue them Again , and with vicarious liability for harassment by CA & JDB's should have asked the JDB for proof / validation with OC statements.
  10. sounds like the typical SCAMMER who procured your DW's data from a Security Breach they can't provide the judgment/ case Number and the court it was granted in, tell them to pound sand.
  11. what state are you in ? UCC laws aren't always uniform, states vary these you need to read up on Title 9 secured Transactions
  12. if you have documentation , upload that during an online dispute, they have to forward it to the OC why do you think it's a true error - ? list out exactly how it appears on your Credit report, and folks here will take a look at it ultimately, if you can prove it's a FCRA violation, you can send an Threat to file suit letter that usually gets them to take a closer look and / or just delete it
  13. that's for open ended Credit, not installment loans
  14. Santander is the worst to deal with you need to read up on the UCC title 9 secured transactions https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title8.9A/ According to this case, creditors in VA have to comply with the required UCC notices. read this case on Google scholar Cappo Management V, Inc. v. Britt, 711 SE 2d 209 - Va: Supreme Court 2011 After repossessing the collateral, a secured party may dispose of it in a commercially reasonable manner, Code § 8.9A-610(a), but it must provide notice to the debtor 10 days before doing so. Code §§ 8.9A-611 through -614. Significantly, "t is the secured party's repossession of the collateral, not necessarily the default, that triggers the notice requirement. Absent valid waiver by the debtor in a written agreement made after default, the parties could not alter the notice provisions." Barnette, 457 F.Supp.2d at 659 (citing, inter alia, Code §§ 8.9A-602(7) and 8.9A-624(a)). The parties did not waive the notice requirement in this case. Additionally, Britt, as a debtor, retained an interest in the car after Victory Nissan repossessed it, at least to the extent that she had a right of redemption under the "RISC" and Virginia law. See Code § 8.9A-623(c)(2). Therefore, Victory Nissan was required to provide notice to Britt prior to disposition of the car. Victory Nissan concedes that it did not do so. your best bet is to do some research on what happened to the auto - if you have the VIN, the DMV may have records of the sales We had a Similar thread here on CB, regarding a late model VW where the lender actually owed money to one of our members, and the reporting was corrected and she received a settlement, But it wasn't Santander, you're going to need to find out details on the same and research this some before we can come up with a course of action , and it may take an attorney to effectively threaten them if the facts come down on your side
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