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  3. They would not delete mine until I filed a note to compel Arbitration and sent it CMRR. I told them they had 30 days from the receipt of my letter to delete. It has been gone for a long time now.
  4. I thought *B was still surviving in one or two states? That poor outlaw *B.
  5. Still open, got an auto increase last month. I noticed last week that it says on the card, member since 07. Definitely didn't have a card in 07, but I'm not saying a word.
  6. Cause TU has the highest Fico score. I like to keep Experian on ice. I had to unlock for Amex. The last Amex card I got I was able to persuade them to pull TU but no luck this time.
  7. I got my bankruptcy deleted from all three credit reports. My LLC is 6 years old now. I have 1% debt to credit utilization. I have close to $900k in available credit, but its all on the personal side. I applied for the Amex Delta Business Card tonight and got approved for $25k. I also just got the Southwest Chase Card, but it was personal and they only gave me $25k. I want to add one more but I want to apply for one that preferably pulls Transunion or Equifax. I'm doing the PG as I don't mind. My Fico on TU is 809. Equifax is 787. Experian is 786. I'm wanting a card tha
  8. Write back to Equifax, Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested and ask them to tell you how they verified your information. Ask them to provide you with as much detail as possible. There is a thread on here some where about how to get a bankruptcy deleted and it really does work. They can't really verify the bankruptcy because they don't have the social security number. The court won't release that to anyone. So if the address is completely different, just dispute it as not accurate. If it is the same address then I'd consider getting a ups box, a new drivers license, updating all cards
  9. When is the last time you paid the account? When you make a payment, it restarts the clock all over again. The first thing I'd advise you to do is maintain silence. Do not provide citi bank with any information and do not contact them for any reason. There is an Arbitration clause in your citi-bank contract. Read it. If they try to sue you, I'd invoke Arbitration. That's another can of worms. Some are for it, some are against it. I've used it to my advantage many times in Oklahoma. Arbitration costs them a fortune and the likely hood of them collecting is usually slim to none and the
  10. I am a guy. I married a guy. I took his last name. I changed the address on my drivers license and changed all trade lines to the new address. I also got a new social security card and a new pass port. I changed my name on all credit cards, bank accounts, vehicle loans etc. I got a UPS box and used this address on my license. I then used the new info and after the new trade lines were reporting along with the new name, I got the old name deleted and the old addresses. I then sent in a dispute on the bankruptcy and it was deleted from all 3.
  11. No idea if *B for T will ever work again. Haven't seen anything on weather we are on the *c block forever or if it will pass with time or if we need to stop for a while but I did look at this from a brighter perspective... it means we get to grow the garden for a little bit, maybe up to 2 years and that means amazing things ha. I haven't tried for anything else since *r, figured its a waste atm with all the inqs.
  12. This is a good card to have. I think I started with a $7400 limit and that was about a year ago and its now sitting at $75k even. I've reached Maximum internal limits with Chase. . . They pulled TU for me.. I have Equifax and Experian on Ice. I think TU is about to go on Ice for about 65 days. If you have good income, good scores, low debt to income ratio, your chances of getting this card are even better. Its not a good card to carry a balance on because the interest is high. Once you spend more than $25,000 in a year they give you additional miles. And the annual fee was waived
  13. I've still been *b for the last week since this has happened and I get the inquiries down from 22 to 19 every day, then login the next day and they are back. I know TU does this once a year but I've never seen them do it to where they come right back the next day. I've been taking screen shots and comparing daily. It hasn't really affected FICO that I see. I guess time will tell if *b is dead. We always have Equifax lol.
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    Amex 4506T

    Got the screen shot done, but where do I host it at?
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