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  1. Credit card companies make money every time you swipe your card. My guess is that they would rather you carry a balance, but they do make money even if you do not.
  2. no just personal, how can I find out who the real companies are that are reprting? I have searched and talked to dnb and nothing.
  3. Hi guys, My score was an 80 then it dropped to a 71 a few months ago. I just pulled pulled the bir and it is at a 72. I have 100% paid on time everywhere except for 1 Misc Business Services. What companies would fall under misc business services? Tny help please, thanks.
  4. Recently, my D&B score has dropped from an 80 to a 71. I ahve 9 accounts with a high of $ 1,500. There are 3 cash experiences and there are 2 Misc Business Services and they show 75% of payments as late. The high is $ 500. I have attempted to find out who they are and nothing. What can I do to get it back up to an 80? Thanks for your help.
  5. Congrats! What cards did you get approved for? Staples and Office Depot are $ 2,000 Wright Express is $ 2,600 Valero is $ 5,000 Sears is $ 6,500 There are others, this is what I listed above.
  6. I have looked at my BIR for D & B and see that it shows a high credit of 750. I just got approved for a $ 6,500 credit line and a $ 5,000 credit line, both non pg. We also have other cards that are $ 2,000 - $ 5,000 that we did pg. When a company pays for the credit report, do they see the same thing I see on the BIR or do they see the true high credit limits?
  7. I inc September of last year, currently have 5 showing on D&B with high credit linit shown as $ 750
  8. As I was talking to them, I was informed that they will act as a credit reference. In other words, D&B's credit builder.
  9. Quill and uline report, Reliable reports as long as the amount is at least $ 50.
  10. There are different types of sears cards. Are all net 30? I just got the Commercial one and it is a net 30
  11. creditxpert, would you mind sharing where you got the credit cards with no pg? I have the Key but where else can I look?
  12. Concord, it is Business Credit Services.
  13. It is backed in the same way that any other non pged card / line is backed.
  14. it is a net 30. I incorporated September of last year. Been in business since 2003
  15. I was informed that cash lines are available with no PG. They do want to check personal credit, but that is just to make sure of no repos foreclosures, or BK. They made it clear that eventhough they look at personal credit that it is not PGed. Does this sound legit or is it just a bait and switch technique?

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