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  1. And finally, 20 hours before closing, we got the clear to close!
  2. This mortgage company is ridiculous. There was a amendment to the sales contract regarding the inspection that I paid for and didn't have to do on the lateral sewer line. First it was a letter of explanation about that statement in the amendment. Then it was because they mentioned roots on the inspection report (which is a maintenance issue! The line is not obstructed and I told them that in the LOX) and now they say that the condition cannot be met so they can't give me the clear to close. We are suppose to close at 11 am tomorrow!! Since when is the lender concerned with the negotiations
  3. I don't look at credit the same way either. I never realized how much having good credit can help when things aren't going so well. EX dropped a few points after a loan was marked as paid. Might still get to 800 though. One more CC still needs to report. Got final approval on the mortgage and we are closing on Friday!
  4. You'll get there! If I can do it, anyone can. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Some pretty huge mistakes. Wish I would have utilized this forum when I was in the thick of it because it would have happened more quickly, I'm sure.
  5. I had a CLD a while back on my Rewards MC in May, just 4 months after they gave me a CLI on my iTunes. They sent a letter and said something about a change in my credit profile. Not sure what change that would have been, so who knows? I also have an Arrival at $10k that they didn't touch and they didn't touch my iTunes either. I really don't have much use for those cards, but I also kind of have a soft spot because the iTunes was my first "real" credit card after BK. They started at a whooping $250, but they gave me a cc when no one else would. I know it shouldn't matter, but other than my D*
  6. EX is up to 788! Getting so close. I think most of the PIFs have already reported so not sure if I'll get to 800. Maybe once utilization goes below 10%? Think it's at 13% right now on my reports as a couple balances still need to update.
  7. When I did a refinance, the old mortgage was reported paid in full before he new one reported and my scores dropped 15-20 points. I don't remember how long it took for the new one to report.
  8. EQ just jumped from 760 to 769 and TU from 780 to 790. Sooo close to 800 with TU! Chase reported PIF. Just waiting for it to hit EX now.
  9. I have my dad to thank for RD*. Got it right before they killed it. Once we close on the house and all my new balances report (just PIF a bunch of CCs with balances due to medical), maybe I'll start working on CLIs. Probably have better luck now that my utilization will be under 10%.
  10. I've been with Alliant for over a year and love them. I can transfer money in and out of my accounts for free. Lots of banks and CUs charge for outgoing transfers. And the transfer limit is higher too. They were also the first to give me a $15k CC.
  11. That's amazing. Can't imagine a $50k card. My highest is $35k and I'm afraid to ask for more. But I feel like I should get a few with the high limits and get rid of the smaller limit cards that I don't use. I just moved over $4K from my Amex Plenti to my BCP. It's at $10k now. I have a PRG as well. The PRG and BCP are D* to 1970, so before I was born. Ha! I got the Plenti before I realized D* was dead so it's a useless card.
  12. Their excuse is they had an underwriter and loan processor quit last week. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and I'm sure in the end it will all be fine, but yeah, they are stressing me out for sure. It doesn't help that I'm a worrier. I lived so long with bad credit, now that I have good credit I still feel like I'm waiting for some bad news when it comes to getting financing.
  13. I went with them because they allowed up to 53% backend DTI and since we still hadn't closed the sale on our CA house but had already found a house we loved, we needed a lender that would be ok with that. In the beginning they said it was not a problem but after being sent to UW all of a sudden I needed the final settlement for the sale of the CA house. Anyway, with the money I made from that I am now at 10% DTI so I didn't have to use this lender after all I suppose.
  14. Credit union? Haha! Nope. Actually a lender that only does mortgages. And this is on their website "24-48 average turn time for loan approvals." Bwahaha! Liars. Lol
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