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  1. I guess NAME isn't one of the 3.. LOL Yes, I am going to dispute it - I dont know whether to use SOL, or not mine. Thoughts?
  2. Yes, I guess I better start the process. Can you still dispute online with EQ?
  3. Yes, Greentree. I remember a couple years ago getting letters from them about a charge-off (I dont recall if its the same amount though) but the weird thing was, it was not MY name on the letter.. but my address was correct.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but it is out of the sol to report since its past 7 yrs 180 days Yes, I am sure you are correct...even if the sol was 10 years (but I think you are right thats its 7), its over 14 years ago, but they are there on my report.. just showed up today. and Ive never had a real estate loan for an amount that small... so it doesn't make any sense to me.
  5. I checked my EQ score today and saw that it dropped from 734 to 657! ...ouch! I pulled my report and I saw 2 charge offs from 1998... they say they are real estate loans but both are under 1100.00 and I have never had any account with the company that says I owe them. What is my best option.. just dispute them with EQ? I assume they will show up on the TU and EX in a day or so..dont charge offs usually report to all 3? Any suggestions welcome. Thanx
  6. AHHHHH,,,OK thanks!! Schools been hectic and I dont get here as often as I should!!
  7. Oh Ok! Thanks!! Good while it lasted!
  8. Just read it today,........Is this just for new members, or for everyone??
  9. vickilee


    Ok, thanks George!
  10. vickilee


  11. vickilee


    ''a limited'' or unlimited amount of time??? Can I use them after I close???? I also have a 50.00 gift card here that they sent me awhile back....will that still be good if I cancel??
  12. vickilee


    George.....Thats what I will do.......they owe me 4.00 for last month which I paid because I didnt realise it since there were other charges...... Maybe I should use my reward points first.....I think I have enough for the ashtray...lol
  13. vickilee


    I just realized since last month Hooters has started charging me a monthly fee of 4.00 per month. The card had no monthly/annual fee prior to that. It really makes me mad, Ive made decent use of it, and always paid on time , usually PIF...has a zero balance right now(well excuse me...a $4.00 balance!) ...and they even just gave me a CLI............ Should I cancel it.???...........opened in 07, but I dont need the credit...........have plenty of other cards with no AF.... Suggestions??
  14. This is why I love this board......I could not find the CS link today either, and said to myself if I just go look on the Credit Boards, I am sure someone there will have the answer,,,,and sure enough!!
  15. Hi Yes, I had done all of that last year. I went through the entire process, up to the point of what to do when I get no rely from the letter I am sending now...(again). .....the only thing I can see that I did wrong was not use a CCRR number, because I didnt know how to get one........Thank you for that information. Hope it works this time......TU and EQ both took it off with a simple online dispute....(before I even knew about Hippa).....but EX keeps verifying it...or at least saying they are.

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