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  1. Thank you so much BRBiz. I have been a long a member and I'm finally implementing the steps for biz credit. I incorporated 03-2011, opened check account -----Applied for Tmobile biz credit w/EIN, the manager pressed so hard for pg but I stuck to my guns and said it was not an option and I would take my biz elsewhere. He approved 1 line with a 50.00 deposit. Iphone 6. I then asked for a CLI for two more lines. I was told no because no pg by corporate biz over the phone. Went back to original salesman in store he asked for bank statement and I gave him the statement, incorporation docs, Paypal docs, and a deadline that I would return the Iphone 6 and eat the 50.00 return charge. A few hours later he approved the two additional lines. Granger-Applied received email of approval today, didn't say the amount. Amersterdam- ordered a few things we needed and I assume we have an account, items will be delivered on 4/30 payment is due 10 days after (will pay once I receive tracking number) My question is: How often should I apply for these initial 5-10 phase 1 net accounts. Should I just chill and wait for these to report, then try for more net 30s? Thank you kindly,
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if T-Mobile business reports and if so to whom?
  3. Here's the deally Credit one pissed me off because they denied me too, what did I ever do to them? Huh? derogatory accounts too many new accounts late payments I didn't do this to you Credit One gosh. Now to the OP a good security card to go after is rewards 660 aka rewards 666 lol. They approved me and my credit is horrible, I screwed up with 1st premier in the last year and 1/2 so if they accepted a bottom feeder like myself you might qualify. The main objective is to get some type of positive tl even if you have to get a secured bank credit card with ochard/BOA etc con on rewards 660 1. they will ask you to make a prepayment for your first bill 40.00 once you receive the card, which you will need to give them a debit card, here is my tip as far as auto payments go- I never give out my bank info for credit cards unless they are reputable so I applied for a prepaid card that I load money on, which comes with a visa or some kinda logo of the sort. I gave this info and my first payment is due about 15 days after I received the card lol so I will make sure to pay. Have to relearn how to walk. experian is 529 tu too broke to check equifax same to broke the only thing I've got going far as credit is my wonderful wonderful in great history stafford loans! whoopie and my rewards 660. Fixing hubby's he has a chance, has a great job now, I'm in the process of starting a home business soon as we get his credit up to par more savings, we shall apply for our first mortgage. ok here's the other deally 2 years ago I was on my way to the freaking top...approved for pre used 2006 grand prix 500 down only less than 15,000 miles. Great experian was at 580 then I applied for 2 1st premeir cards approved ...hubby lost his job things went bad...both of our credit median scores were in the mid 400s...went back to school applied for stafford loan...payed a little bit of it...and back to the 500s there's hope.
  4. I'm trying to repair the credit of my husband and myself. I have a quest. about cap one.....my husband opened the acct. back in 11/01 so my reasoning is that it's due to fall off. He had an initial cl of 1200.00, as I look at his cr closer it say's it's a revolving account, and not only that but it's been sold to another company. How does cap one work will it fall off his report or is it revolve. Thanks, Candace
  5. I was chillen one day, and thought how much I was such a loser for not paying off all my debts. Like that episode of The Office when Micheal realizes how much in debt he is, because he no longer receives credit card offers at 0% anyway what would I do with out google? stumbled upon this great site, and I've decided to pay my debts if their validity can be proven and if there under 400.00 for all else debts I will dispute especially this palisades fictional debt collector. says hubby owes 10,000 can't wait to get in all up in there butts thanks cb
  6. SM seems to be fine on both my husband and my reports on EX, last checked on 06/12. Only complaint is that it's not updated properly.
  7. gggrrreat I literally opened the account yesterday got approval, with down payment. The merchandise is ridiculously expensive, so I figured nothing but a credit builder..oh well moving on new tl with no hard pull should have been an eye opener, too desperate.
  8. thanks you guys, I'll give it another 24 hours then I'll call.
  9. hi mates, Anyone know why it takes soo long to get an approval or denial for that matter from citi...I applied online for the cashback green card and received the 30 day notice. Anyone received this notice before and still got an approval or is this pretty much a bad sign? any help would be most appreciated. thanks c
  10. Hello, I'm new to the board and have found it extremely helpful. Aside from the intro, I have applied for a Sallie Mae private tuition loan with my parent as a co-signer. I was wondering if anyone has an experience as to what we should expect next...we've just completed the app. online. Will they mail us anything first how many days will it take. Will we have to sign a promisary note first? I just have no experience in the private loan arena. thanks for any help

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