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  1. Basically, AHFC can utilize your information in order to collect monies owed for the vehicle you leased, enforcing payment of this lease, and solicit you for additional financing/promotions during and after the term of your lease. At least, that's how I read it. HTH!
  2. I'm considered an inactive member I guess because I haven't posted much in the past few years. Is the links above still functional? Thanks in advance!
  3. Great post, I see RBFCU's 2% was mentioned (https://www.rbfcu.org/loans/credit-cards), but I think this is a fantastic card. 2% CashBack Rewards Earn unlimited cash back on all purchases Ideal for: Maximizing rewards accrual and flexible redemption options combined with a great rate. 0% Introductory APR* on Balance Transfers and Cash Advances $0 Balance Transfer Fee No Annual Fee No Foreign Transaction Fees $0 fraud liability on unauthorized purchases $1 million in travel accident insurance
  4. I'm asking about Capital One converting not TD. I think I will just try and call again tomorrow to get an answer...will update for anyone else interested. Side note, balances on CC are @ 0% through next year and we COULD pay them off but prefer to let the balance sit at the moment. Utilization and age are the concern, with age being the bigger of the two because again it's his oldest TL, almost 3 yrs old.
  5. Ok, also just called TD and the first line csr stated that TD typically requires new applications in an acquisition...so back to my question. Has anyone ever did a store card conversion with the same issuer? Thanks!
  6. Based on what Cap One said, the card will reflect as closed by credit grantor and I haven't gotten any information from Jordan's or TD Bank about a new card being issued to him. Will not only lose the oldest trade line but lose 15k in available credit...which will definitely negatively affect overall utilization-probably going up above 70%. Has anyone gotten a similar letter in the mail?
  7. Hey Guys, I searched everywhere but I haven't been able to find an answer to my question. My husband's store card to Jordan's Furniture is closing in early January because the store has discontinued its relationship with Capital One and TD Bank has taken over their cards. Does anyone have any experience with converting a store card? Is it even possible? I know Capital One offers other store cards and an actual furniture card to a store near where we live now (we've moved over 1600 miles from the nearest store so it's a useless card ATM). I'm concerned because it's his oldest card and one o
  8. I have two synchrony backed products-one 6 years old and the other 1 year old. I have a bank backed store card which recently became a MasterCard-8 years old. Now I have the secured discover it card. Should I shoot for one other secured card or focus on clean up? Also, the 4 year vs 6 year SOL is a worry of mine. I've gotten it's the state you reside in and then it's the state you started the debt in. Thanks!
  9. To answer one previous poster-no my reports are not clean. Across the board I have BofA, Chase HCA, Cap1 and HSBC which charged off 4+ years ago. Balances on each credit card are all around $3k each after their fees were tacked on ($500-1000), Chase HCA is less than $1000-all fees (a financing company that tacked on all the interest after the last payment). BofA and HSBC debts are also being listed on my reports by collection agencies. I just pulled my reports from CCT and scores are 631, 619 and 589. Up a bit from last week. Not sure why the AU's aren't reporting to EQ, and perhaps that i
  10. So unfortunately I am back to rebuilding after sticking my head in the sand for the past 5 years after a messy divorce. I currently have 15 positive trade lines, consisting of three store cards-one of which recently got a cli and turned into a mastercard. Limits are $200 (store), $800 (store) and $2000 (store turned mastercard). I also have several AU accounts with limits ranging from $5k to $20k-all with "prime" banks (Cap1, BofA, Barclay). I also have several student loans but all in good standing and paid on time-never late. I applied for a Barclay Rewards, BofA Better Balance, Cap1 Se
  11. I would try again today-he told them he was told to reapply via the correct link.
  12. Hey Russ..so we went back and reapplied, and called the recon number after the second denial (which was immediate & due to the previous app 2 days prior). After getting the run around re: you can't apply twice in less than 30 days-and explaining he was directed to reapply using a different link because of the disqualification of status with USAirways the analyst decided 15 minutes into the call to pull the reports and offer a low limit of $1500. His highest limit is a store card for $10k and lowest is $1000 with Cap1. I'm wondering if is worth it to call back tomorrow and ask for a CLI..hi
  13. Apped today for my dbf and was told he was declined using the link on the first page. Analyst stated the link was only for top tier members of the U.S. Airways mileage program...I did sign him up for the program prior to applying so I am confused-inbetween the 29 pages of this thread has something changed? Should we go back and try the link that is posted in his profile when we log in? Thanks!
  14. ICANHASMUNY? sorry I meant to say Chase Health Advance, which was a health care financing LoC. Not a HELOC..sorry. I wonder if I should dispute that particular trade line since it seems that they are no longer in business. I guess my real question is whether or not I should let sleeping dogs lie, instead of beginning repair-ideally I would like to look into buying a place in 2-3 years and I should try to do some clean up in order to qualify. I don't have any particular goals in mind, outside of getting my financial life in order. I know going the BK route is not always the best way, but I real
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