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  1. well, if I really need a big flowers antenna, I could put one in the crawl space above our garage. LOL
  2. KODI? TVMC? would this be compatible with ROKU? That's what I"m hoping for that some local channels have streaming feature that I can add to my ROKU.
  3. Good news! He passed his driver's test on the third try. So we're good to go! What a relief!
  4. Ok, I requested that I don't have cable in my new home. Since the new home is wired with fiber optics, I'm thinking of getting away from cable or satellite. One option is ROKU. The problem is that ROKU don't have local channels available...but I heard that if you get TiVo, you do. What other options that I can use to get local channels..??
  5. One of our adopted cat, likes to pee in the bathroom sink...
  6. Oh, they definitely do, but this is TEMPORARY. Had to be hand written. The supervisor showed us the rules she had to follow. It's just one of those salamanderic rules, IMO.
  7. UPDATE: Just letting you know that the ID solution is a 1/2 solution at best. We're hoping that the written, temporary Oregon ID will be accepted by the underwriters by next week. Having a regular Oregon ID will invalidate his WA license card. We won't hear back from our loan officer until next week as they're in a crunch to get October loans done to focus on November loans.
  8. Awww, geez..you two are my heroes. I just emailed my loan officer to see if this will be acceptable when we close. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear from her tomorrow.
  9. Question: Hubby still has his driver license card from WA, but had lived in Oregon for 5 years. Never got around to updating his license until now when our loan officer thought to tell him 2.5 weeks ago that in closing, the closing officer will want his ID card to match the address on the closing papers. (we close Nov 23rd) The problem is that he has a disability: dyslexic and unable to retain memory; and failed his first written test with DMV because he didn't understand the questions. He will attempt to retake the test Tuesday and I offered to be there with him for moral support. Que
  10. Hi, all! My hubby and I are in the process of owning a new custom built home and since we've locked in our rate 1.5 weeks ago, I can't help but feel that in the meantime our credit could get hard pulls elsewhere. I remember getting my credit history 10 years ago and saw a hard pull from a sports store and believe me, I'm not the least bit athletic! Would it be possible to have a temporary freeze on all the credit bureaus until January? Or do we leave it open in case the loan officer or escrow need to access it before we close in November?? I want to protect what we worked so hard to hav
  11. If this is the wrong forum, please transfer to the proper forum.... Just wondering if anyone have heard of this debt collector and if there's a problem (or not) dealing with them. I believe I'm pretty much on top of my bills that I owe.... I think this is conncected to medical bills. The funny thing is, my VM (coverted to text in email) says this: "This call is from Convergent outsourcing a debt collector. Please return my call at 877-495-0400" Like I'd call them..? Ha. Plus the bonus is that I can't do phones anymore, due to losing more hearing. And yeah, long time no see.
  12. so sorry for your loss. lost my gramma years ago, my best friend.. and recently my sister (see pic in siggy) it does sucks...big time
  13. I've looked up myFico, and got my credit score(s) from answering their questions...but if I really want to view all of my CR's, will I need to pay for myFico's service(s)? I understand that requesting all 3 CR's from annualcreditreport.com, it does NOT include the credit scores. This isn't right that that I pay for my credit scores, so I'm asking-- there HAS to be a way to get FREE credit scores. I thought I read that there were talk of passing a law to allow consumers to have access to FREE credit scores. What happened to that? Oh, and btw...I'm back...sorta... just trying to get my cr
  14. myFico.com The likes of Credit Karma are only good for entertainment purposes. Heh, figured as much, but it won't hurt, since it's free. But what of myFico...do you need to pay for their service(s)?
  15. So I thought I had it good when I signed up for Credit Karma and got a 709 from Transunion (they haven't configured in EQ or EX yet) however, I got a letter from the bank and my actual credit score from Transunion is 652! Just where do I get a more accurate FICO score...? that MyFico site? Or do I just sign up for annualcreditreport to get my CR/score?
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