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  1. I bankrupt Citi about 8 years ago. Citi gave me a Best Buy store card a whopping $1k. Ok. Last week they gave me $1900 for a American Airlines card. I’m back in !
  2. I disputed yesterday for TU 2 TL's due to fall off in May and June. Received my results today! REMOVED! I used the "no longer liable" option and both were removed.
  3. Congrats! I got an Amazon in November for $800 and then recently they automatically bumped it up to $1700. I didn't even know until I went to pay my bill.
  4. I agree with most of the statements regarding not falling into the toy card trap. But I think it MAINLY depends on your objectives and being strategic. For myself, I wanted no more than $15k total CL total....plus I wanted a diverse portfolio. I achieved it. Mind you my portfolio is mainly MC/Discover.....with a few toy cards sprinkled in. But my toy cards provide a good reward system that I enjoyed; plus I keep the limits low, because they are toy cards.
  5. I knew it was time for me to stop applying when Lowe's gave me a $300 limit and refused to increase my limit.
  6. I love my store cards! The only card I have that I don't normally use is the Lowe's. But I have it to increase my utilization, which I will do on all of my cards on Thanksgiving.
  7. Congrats! They approved me for the same amount. Im not willing to go higher; I shop at Amazon ALOT!
  8. I just paid off my capital one. Once the payment is posted, I will hit the CLI button to see if I will get an increase. If not, then I will contact EO.
  9. I burned all the heavy hitters, so it will be another 5 to 10 years before I'm forgiven (Chase, Citi, BOA, etc) I was recently approved Capital One QuickSilver Discover IT Walmart Amazon Target I'm done for now. I just want to get utilization under control and get CLIs.
  10. Walmart shot me down via chat and the "luv" button. I'm going to try again on black Friday. Usually I have tons of luck with CLI and credit approvals around that time.
  11. I don't think I'm opt-out. I'm going to call them next week, as I haven't received a letter yet it's going on 4 weeks now. Also, TU and EQ verified my BK. So, I'm going to attack the tradelines for accuracy.
  12. You must of skipped steps. EQ was easy to get removed! Plus DONT GIVE UP. You know how many times I got the same news? I was persistant and always prevailed, sometimes it took months. Is the addy to the BK still on EQ? Did you open a PO Box? How did you dispute it? Definately need more details. These are the steps I took. I ordered my LN first to see what's on there. I waited about a week and went through the process to "opt-out" (can't freeze in Illinois). I received a letter from LN a few days after opting out that more information was needed, which was the letter stating I MAY be a victim of identity theft. (Mind you I uploaded this document originally.) I emailed LN with my complaint and uploaded the letter. They accepted it and stated that I'm opt-out. I asked for my PIN number but never received it via email or mail (been waiting about 3 weeks now). I open a complaint with CFBD(?) against LN; then I disputed the BK on my EQ and TU report. Received my LN reports I originally requested and they're all blank pages. Which is weird, because a few years ago, I had information on them. My complaint came back and LN still didn't provide my PIN number; just a statement that my approval for opt-out was mailed early this month. Still haven't received the offiicial letter of my approval or pin. Received my EQ results today, addresses associated with the BK was deleted (for the second time) and my BK was approved. I think my mistake was disputing the BK before I got everything with LN squared away.
  13. LN hasn't sent my letter as of yet; nor my PIN number. I know I'm opt-out. EQ BK results came back.....the BK stays. Darnit! I'm waiting to see what TU says. If it comes back verified, I'm going to take a break.
  14. LN still haven't sent me my PIN number. They did confirm that I'm opt-out. I was able to get EX to delete some of my addresses. I'm going to try again next month for the remaining addresses. I'm waiting to hear back about my disputes with EQ and TU on my BK.
  15. So I was cleaning up some files I had and I decided to review my LN report again. I received a letter from both Banko and the Life Public Records DIsclosure Report. Both letters state LN couldn't find any records on me. Which is weird, because when I pulled my reports back in 2012 I distinctively remember seeing my BK judgment and other information. Am I wrong? Would my BK appear on another report? Mind you, I did "opt-out" but I still should be able to see my full report.

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