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  1. Hi all, I have "good" credit (740ish) from all 3 bureaus. However, I've noticed this past month that my usage is inaccurate. It's off by $2k. So, my utilitzation is at 25%, not 15% - which would boost my credit score(and ego) Now, I'm not one to usually quibble, BUT, I would like to have my score go the 760-800 range so I can be classified as "excellent". Any ideas on how to proceed? When I look on my credit karma, nerd wallet, capital one, scores, they will show updates within a week of each other. That's why I'm curious why they are still off by $2k? Many thanks all, Randy
  2. Hi all. Just got denied from my Credit Union to refi my truck. I have a 710 avg for my credit reports. I am wondering how can I get rid of my old accounts, like from 1990 and 1991? One is Sears and one is AMEX. I closed those accounts in 1999 or 2000 and they still sit on my credit reports. I have a feeling this is still hitting me negatively. Is there a way to remove them? Any help is appreciated.

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