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  1. When did a BK become a positive factor on a credit report? Really?? I meant to write no other baddies. I guess we're all lucky to have you around to serve as the forum proof reader If I was proofreading I would have recommended improvements to your sentence structure. I would have also pointed out that the card issuer's name is "Barclaycard," those dollar amounts need commas, there are multiple missing hyphens, etc. You're tougher than my college professors. Thanks for the insight.
  2. When did a BK become a positive factor on a credit report? Really?? I meant to write no other baddies. I guess we're all lucky to have you around to serve as the forum proof reader
  3. Barclay CLD -$500 from my Arrival card a few months ago. from $7500 to $7000. I can't remember what the stated reason was. Scores range from low to mid 700s. I have a lot of new accounts and an 8 year old BK. No baddies.
  4. I requested and received a CLI two weeks after opening a Navy CC. I did the same a couple of months later and was approved again. YMMV though.
  5. Thanks for the info, although, I still think you probably got lucky. From what I have read (and experienced) it is rather rare for Amex to approve with a BK showing. They also frown on judgements. From what I've read, it appears they are more forgiving of COs than they are of BKs or judgements. But again, YMMV, and I'm glad they gave you a shot! I, OTOH, burned Amex in 2009, they sued me and got a judgement, which I discharged in BK early last year. I am still on their BL and plan on being there for the next 8 or nine years at least . I was surprised also. I applied for myself and DW when our scores hit 700. With a lot of new lines and CLIs from existing cards I decided to go for it. Was shocked at approval... No luv at 61 days though. BK on record cited a reason for denial.
  6. Drew4, DW and I were both approved for Amex with 5 year BKII on reports and 700 FICOs. Never BK'd Amex though.
  7. Hmm... I wonder if the card is being discontinued.
  8. I applied and was approval about a month or so ago. DW now wants to apply and the application link is nowhere to be found. Do any of you have the link?
  9. $2500 cl Scores on all three between 680-700. I think TU is at about 685. Good luck with your app!
  10. I bk'd Apple a few years back. I guess I was blacklisted because always denied on Barclay apps. Last week I was finally approved for Travelocity Amex. I app'd for Ring Card as well and was denied. On recon Analyst said one approval is enough for me due to past bk on Barclay card. Funny thing is, I didn't even know Travelocity Amex was through Barclay until analyst told. Rookie move Had I known that I would not have app'd for second Barclay card after first approval.
  11. Mini App spree results: Chase Freedom - Denied Discover - Denied Barclay Ring - Denied Amex Everyday Cash - Approved Travelocity Amex - Approved BofA Cash Rewards - Approved Cap1 Venture - Approved Scores are between 680-700 with 6yo BK7. Low utilization, bunch of accounts. When all the new cards report, will I be in trouble with Amex?
  12. My mortgage was included in BK7 four years ago and I did not reaffirm. Since then it has been sold to numerous lenders. After the latest transfer the lender remains unchanged but I have a new servicer. I noticed today that they are reporting to all three bureaus. Is that legal?
  13. As is the case with other credit cards when you balance transfer.
  14. You should pull your report first to see what dropped off. With a recent BK that 718 score isn't everything. Maybe the BK went away somehow?? That would be good info to know.

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