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  1. I will add that Amex even backdates internationally. Opened my Blue Cash card in the USA in 2008. Moved to Europe in 2011 and used their global transfer service to setup credit abroad. Stamped on my European card is "Member since 2008" -- also on my statements. Great company.
  2. Cannot say enough good about Amex. Their "Global Transfer" set me up with a new card within a week of permanently relocating to Europe with a limit 3x that of my wife's non-amex card. After 3500 EUR a year the card is free here, too, which is unheard of in this country.
  3. I remember hearing that the FDCPA wasn't applicable to business cards tied to personal credit. Am I mistaken?
  4. Legally, are there any differences if one defaults on a business card tied to their personal credit vs just a normal card tied to their personal credit? (and subsequently has it go to collection)
  5. I just put in a request to transfer my US American Express card to an Austrian American Express card. I was given the option of keeping my US card or canceling it. Chose to keep it of course (no AF). All the information they needed was my Vienna address, local phone number, yearly pay, and bank account number. Said I should expect the card in 3-4 weeks. I'll report back to this thread to let everyone know how it went as I don't see much info about global transfers on here. I don't know what to expect, especially since I'm carrying a balance on my US card at the moment. Put in a request for a card very similar to my Blue Cash in the States. Info Here(German)
  6. *bump for anyone with information about international bank relationships / cheapest ways to transfer Euros to Dollars electronically
  7. So it might be worth it to just skip this whole step and apply for cards from scratch when I get there and try to establish brand new relationships? After food, housing and living expenses I should have around ~1000 Euro a month extra which I'd assume is enough to justify a credit card. I don't want Amex to do an FR on me and end up cancelling my US account because of my large student loan load. I've also racked up some card debt the last 3 months traveling back and forth to secure this job. Thinking it might be better to show the banks a "clean slate" edit: On that note how much information is shared between banks of different nations? Would an Austrian bank be able to access US records / is that the norm?
  8. Long story short I'm going to be paid in Euros soon and living in Vienna. All my cards are US cards, of course. So my first call is American Express trying to figure out if online bill pay can draw from a foreign account. Turns out it can't, but the representative told me about the possibility of changing the default currency of my card. They even gave me a link over the phone. LINK Anyone have any experience with this?
  9. Is it possible to call an underwriter at US Bank and get my loan refinanced? I took it out when I was unemployed so I was automatically put in the highest interest rate bracket. (I had no cosigner) I am now gainfully employed. The loan is in repayment, and I have never missed a payment on this loan or any of my credit cards. What's the best way to go about this?
  10. My girlfriend is flying in tomorrow from Austria and after some R&R Saturday night I'd like to take her to a cool place in Manhattan to watch the game, preferably on a roof. I've been really busy with work and alone, and thus not able to explore the city to any extent. Ideas?
  11. I've done something I should have done a long time ago - sign up for the frequent flier clubs at the majors. Question - how long until you can actually redeem free flights and upgrades? I'm flying direct to London from New York next weekend, and will probably be doing similar trips to Amsterdam and Munich about once a month for the foreseeable future. For arguments sake and simplicity lets pretend I only used 1 airline. As I'm flying AA next week perhaps that one.
  12. I've got a decent Monday-Friday job and I'm interested in picking up some part time weekend work to help me pay down my student loans quicker. I'm considering Whole Foods because I shop there and they give a 20-30% employee discount, Any opinions?
  13. For those of you that know me short update: Back from Austria living in NYC for the medium term while I pay off my student loans. I landed a job for 41.6K salary pretty quickly. First "real" job and I'm very pleased with the situation but that is not my question. Should I inform my creditors? As it is now all of my credit cards have my occupation as "student" and the income is the HHI of the billing address. I don't live at the billing address but I will continue to use it. (I get everything online anyways. Nothing comes in the mail there) What would be the wise thing to do? 1.) Call the banks and tack on 41.6 to the HHI, 2.) Call the banks and tell them to have 41.6 as the only registered income 3.) Do nothing I'm leaning on doing nothing as I've had no AA on any of my current accounts. Cheers
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