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  1. Same here. Getting an error message when logging in. Probably related to the online login process "upgrade".
  2. Has anyone ever seen this? I applied for a personal loan from USAA a few minutes ago and got a "Pending/5-7 Day" decision. Instantly though there was a new account listed under my USAA accounts showing up as "My Personal Loan Application - PENDING" with what appears to be an account number already assigned. Does anyone know if this means it's approved? When I click on it it doesn't show any info and just goes to a page saying a member services rep will review and contact with a decision. I'm thinking they wouldn't assign an account number without approval though? I'll call them tomorrow...just wondering if anyone has seen this before? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know who Riverstone Residential/Alexan pulls?
  4. I have this hard inquiry on my TU report: TRANS UNION Miscellaneous and public record 2/17/2008 Any ideas what it could be? I did two things over the weekend and trying to see which one it is. 1) I did an app with a new apartment complex over the weekend. 2) I disputed an address online this weekend? Hoping this is the apt pull... Does TU normally pull a hard when you dispute with them? I see they've already deleted the old address I disputed.
  5. I know that when I transfer funds from Patelco checking to pay Patelco MC, they show the available credit as updated immediately. Does anyone know if it actually is immediate? What other CCs do this? It seems like if you're using funds on deposit with them, it would, but Bank of America is a good example where it definitely doesn't.
  6. Yes, I HATE that Chase system. It always changes my e-mail too. I use gmail and have an @gmail.com address and every time I change it, it will randomly add another .com to the end to make it gmail.com.com. At least with Patelco, you can "disable" this thing as long as you're on the same ISP the next times you login (goes by the IP Block).
  7. I see you're in Houston. Just recently moved to Frost Bank and it's excellent. Highly recommended and their online system is actually very good for a regional bank.
  8. Looking to possibly use Penfed for a balance transfer. Anyone know how they calculate their minimum payment for CCs?
  9. I really dislike Bank of America in general, but I do think they have the best billpay system and online banking experience in general.
  10. My understanding is that Citi PP doesn't report a limit. I have another Citi card now which does report the limit that has high utilization, but I was thinking about converting it. Is the way PP reports going to be a good or a bad thing in that case? I wasn't sure if it still reported as revolving or if it's as open like Amex charge cards are. At first I didn't think it would be positive, but still am interested in the PP card. The more I thought about it though I'm wondering if it would actually be better utilization wise since it would not be reporting a limit. Is it excluded? Any thoughts on this?
  11. We ship a few hundred packages a day with the service. We started with UPS, but had more problems than we should with damaged and lost deliverys. We decided to go the USPS route and actually ended up cutting shipping costs in about 1/2. Started with Pitney Powes. Their software is powerful but we found it was too easy to mess up. Almost every day I'd have someone walk in my office telling me it wasn't working anymore. The labels are so customizable that everyone seemed to be able to mess them up easily without even trying. We finally went to Stamps.com and have been using it for the past few months without any problems at all. We're still using their standard software with their "Premier Plan" right now. We had to get several subscriptions since it can only be ran on one computer at a time. The other downside is that it can only hold up to $500 in prepaid postage at a time. Because of those, we're working with them to move to their enterprise solution. Other than those two things, it's been flawless. You can print postage on plain paper, labels, etc. The "NetStamps" feature is kind of nice too. You can print a page of "stamps" if you get their stamp paper. It's nice because you can print them for any amount of postage. Overall, I'd highly recommend them.
  12. They report the credit limit for me.
  13. First one was DCU @ 1K the day I turned 18.

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