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  1. Can someone tell me why should one opt-out when repairing your credit? Uptil now, I have not heard a logical explanation how possibly someone who opted out will get more deletions than someone who didn't.
  2. I brought a car last year in August, in Sept the loan was funded by BOA. However, I was not given any notificaiton of this. The dealership had my wrong address and hence so did BOA. They sent all the statements to the wrong address and finally when I looked at the credit report I found that I was marked late. BOA since has refused to remove the late despite admitting they had my wrong address. Can I file a FCRA suit against BOA for failing to notify of adverse reporting and what section of the FCRA would I cite ?
  3. I've got an established business , paydex 80 with 50k loc. Where can I get an unsecured line of credit without proving income or tax returns in this market? What amount would I be able to secure?
  4. I just found out that my sister made a settlement agreement with an attorney and agreed to payoff a debt that is not hers, as they were trying to serve her. An attorney called her and told her that she was liable to pay it , so she made a couple of payments on it. This is an account that was started over 4 years ago and she was under 18 at that time. She has already paid the attorney $600 of the $1000 balance. I was thinking of having her file a police report and sending out a validation letter demanding validation and the money back ,or face complaints with the Bar and the AG. Please advise
  6. Anyone Else got anyplace else for a good rate in mind??
  7. I actually am doing a refi of a 2004 S430 , 24K miles got it for $37K in Jan.
  8. I've got wells fargo and us bank at 50K each ...initially they were no doc , but later I did apply for an increase going full doc however both turned me down stating I did not have enough fixed accounts recievables.
  9. Hey fellas, MY situation Great DNB file , 700 fico, 4 yr in business 500k gross per year Currently I have a couple of cards at 50K , where should I apply to get the high limit 150K LOC's?
  10. I recently got approved for a 5.49% used car rate for 60 months on my 2004 mercedes at Justice Federal Credit Union. Who else is competitive to offer a rate this low?

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