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  1. why is your link sending us somewhere else.. is this phishing or spam
  2. Yes, most people are telling you correctly.. I would not have requested all of those store cards. Buy something cheap $50, pay it off. All stores within 6 months.. I rebuilt my credit using First Premier, Cap One starting balances at $300, $750. Cap 1 as promised increased credit to 1,500 in a year. My other two cards with them have doubled that. I also helped other family members with bad credit. First, she received credit Cap one $500 to start, used for a year, kept monthly utility below 30% pay more than minimum. She also received Victoria Secret $500 & Express $150. I told her keep for a year, use seldom and pay off what you use. Within 2yrs her cap one increased to $2,500 (I put her on my cap as a user). Recently she received a Citibank card $2,500. I told her she is done.. leave it all alone and build from there. She's young as well. My other family member I assisted had collections.. I helped him fight these, in two years everything was removed including the bank collection. It was a fight. In the interim he had a Cap one secured card, Fingerhut. He used these for about a year. Ordering dumb stuff on Fingerhut (outrageous costs). Anywho, he called me about a month ago.. said.. "I looked at my credit report and everything is gone". I made sure we double checked all three reports. He applied and received $2k American Express & $2,500 Cap one. Anywho.. we will now pursue like the big boys & girls on this forum..$10k - $30K cards.. let these cards nest.. I mean what else do we need? If I lived off cash for many years, meaning I didn't buy everything I desired only need.. I maintain the same state of mind with these credit cards. Oh btw, my family members credit scores soared past mine.. LOL.. (720's) Credit Boards is an excellent resource if you study, listen and abide by suggestions and pay attention to others mistakes. It really isn't rocket science. Oh btw, I'm on this post because I'm closing my First Premier after 2 1/2 years.. ughhh I'm almost embarrassed now to have them on my credit.. but they did help me on my road to recovery. Just waaaaayyy to costly. Good luck! Your issue will be a fleeting memory before you know it.. a
  3. Hello, I'm just really curious as to how the credit bureaus should be reporting this transaction. I consolidated my student loans, including the two private ones I had with Wells Fargo. I aquired these loans before Obama policies changed, requiring all instutions to use Federal Student Aid loans only. Anywho, Williams D Ford told me they paid Wells Fargo and now the loans are consolidated with my million and one others. The credit bureaus are reporting or shall I say that Wells Fargo is reporting that they were transferred. Is this correct if they were paid in full? If so is there a SOL for this to appear on my reports? This was well over 10 yrs ago. Thanks for your feedback..
  4. Here is the website and telephone number .. let us know what happens.. nelnet discharge student loans 888-303-7818 disability discharge.com
  5. I suppose this is where I post my credit approval.. I always forget.. Just approved for Capital One Spark Business card .. not sure of amt just yet.. received confirmation letter today! This is great after recent BK, change of address for biz and new EIN #. YEA! LIttle at a time.. learning a lot from you veterans and can't wait to catch up. This site has given me hope and the necessary skills.. still have a bit to go.. re-establishing my websites loosing them all after 4 years.. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
  6. Quietbookkeeper I DNB contacts me all the time via email, mail or telephone.. I spoke with them yesterday and the first thing I say when the conversation begins is, "I am not interested in paying for your services, but I do want to make sure that my information and trade lines are correct." Funny because they will immediately halt the conversation and transfer me to iupdate.. then it's over. They did say something about my Paydes not calculating.. whatever..because this has not stopped me from receiving business credit. Hope this helps..
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  8. Patrick, I am in the process of re-establishing credit as a sole proprietor.. recently filed BK, however my sole proprietor is also my biz and my person. Prior to my BK I had pretty good biz credit.. well very good biz credit as a sole proprietor. Many years ago I thought about an LLC, but never got around to it, to establish an LLC until recently as I expand my biz to offer consulting services, thus wanting to protect my personal assets just in case. Prior I had an AMEX, Office Depot, Chevron, credit subscription to industry software. I have the same EIN just had to clean it up with the IRS as I've recently added a couple of additional biz, also have the same DUN #. I think my biz identity was exposed enough - merchants able to google and easily find me. So I would not say no.. I've also heard of purchasing established LLC's via Las Vegas, etc., etc., ... not sure how that works.. hope this helps
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  11. OK.. then I am doing something wrong.. I called them today regarding verification and they had someone email me stating they needed a personal guarantor.. I do not remember the fields being available to me such as business name, DBA, etc. I need to see again.. or speak with them tomorrow.. CONGRATS.. where did you access the app... Thanks
  12. You are welcome.. another thing I forgot to mention another reason why banks do not respond and the home stays empty is because they do not have accurate accounting records.. I've seen banks come to court with forged sigs stating representing it as the owners signature. Keep ALL records and start digging for proper accounting. She can even ask them for it.. but if it were me.. I'd wait until I went to court and requested records via petition. This is just making me reminisce and I'm feeling so bad for your friend right now.. because sooooo many homeowners do not know.. and run the first time the bank says get it out.. .. I get over joyed when I see people become empowered with knowledge to help themself and one another..
  13. This is not constituted as legal advice.. anyone considering this should seek an experienced foreclosure attorney.. During the financial crisis of mortgage lending.. Research has found that BOA is one of the primary lenders that does not or cannot locate many titles to the homes they have financed which is why so many sit. Many homeowners have litigated these matters in court only to find that the banks come empty handed or not at all.. judges in return order on the side of the plaintiff.. and default against the bank. Anyone can file an unlawful detainer and quiet the title to keep anyone from selling, or transferring the property. This process can take years if you retain an attorney, but I can't see how a person can't possess their home if they have not been legally evicted. Unlawful detainers can also be used post foreclosure to determine temporary possession until ownership is determined via "Quiet Title". You can take a strong position asking the judge to wait until a decisioni is made on who has proper title before the courts decide who should have possession. I knew a person who filed an unlawful detainer, signed and walked away before the courts decided the case. Wish the person knew their rights at the time.. I pray this helps you out.. www.livinglies.wordpress.com http://samsnation.na...m/mers_research http://samsnation.na.../itwasyours_com http://samsnation.na..._you_in_trouble http://samsnation.na.../title_research
  14. Mod.. yes it is one way.. however my EIN and business name is completed on the form and given to the company. When they file with the IRS they report to the IRS using the EIN #. I also recently verified another 1099 that I thought I missed with last years taxes.. but they said both I and the company reported properly.. again the info on the w9 is far from what the IRS has. I'm waiting to hear back from Google.. I see some others had the same concerns with them.. But good that I mailed the updated info to the IRS today.. gotta lot of buildling to do.. lost a lot of time last year and can't afford to miss anymore windows of opportunity.. I appreciate this forum so very much..

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