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  1. I bank with them and have part of my paycheck direct deposited there as well. Never had any issues paying bills and customer service is very pleasant to deal with.
  2. 5 hards left this morning after pulling with USAA. Still have MPM and EQ to pull just before 4:00 today. 3 I believe are mtg stickies. Hoping to see 3 left by later today. C* I believe will be around the 13th to 16th in AZ, so I will keep pulling to the day of. Thanks all for all the great advice on the CB's.
  3. Hi All. I'm finally getting some B* Love. Had 3 hards fall off EQ yesterday, 13 to go! Thanks everyone for all the advice always.
  4. Congrats. Always a Great feeling! DCU is a good start. i know in 6 months with a good history with them they will give you a CLI.
  5. Hello All! Just got approved last night for a Barclay's Apple Visa! TU 670. Sweet, but wanted to recon underwriter to up that more. Anyone have a good backdoor phone number for them? Thanks to all.
  6. augie


    By the way: HOME LOANS SERVICES Is Bank Of America
  7. augie


    Yes, did dispute it before.
  8. augie


    I accidentally just re-disputed and am thinking about removing that dispute. It was put on right after the last investigation yesterday.
  9. augie


    At one point over 3 1/2 years ago
  10. augie


    Help! I just took a 40 point hit! OUCH! EQ just updated today and my old mortgage changed status from PAYS AS AGREED to 120+DAYS PAST DUE. Anybody have any suggestions? It was fine yesterday. GRRRRRRRR. HOME LOANS SERVICES Hide Details 759104488XXXX 05/06/2007 $0 08/06/2013 120+ DAYS PAST DUE
  11. Allright People. I need some help here. I'm counting (per the inquiry counter) 71 + my 16 hards, should equal 87. I think they should start falling tomorrow? Can anyone please verify this? Thank you. AR-CAPITAL ONE 07/17/13 AR-Capital One 06/04/13 AR-CAPITAL ONE NTL ASSOC 07/17/13 CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS 07/10/13 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 08/05/13, 08/04/13, 08/03/13, 08/02/13, 08/01/13, 07/31/13, 07/30/13, 07/29/13, 07/28/13, 07/27/13, 07/26/13, 07/25/13, 07/24/13, 07/23/13, 07/22/13, 07/21/13, 07/20/13, 07/19/13, 07/18/13, 07/17/13, 07/16/13, 07/15/13, 09/14/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS
  12. Forgot about the CLI's I've been reading here about. What is the process to graduate to a Walmart Discover?
  13. Would that refi and closing of current car loan cause a bad hit to my scores? Including the new car loan? Current car loan is around 16 to 17 months old. Any suggestions or advice on that?
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