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  1. It’s not the top of my worry list, but would certainly be the most embarrassing aspect. I’m fortunate enough to be able to get another car if I need to do so....
  2. Is that a legal argument? (I'm in WA state.) They definitely cashed my checks... both the deposit, and the second check for first month / tax / lic / fees, etc...
  3. I hope you are right. I certainly don't want to have to tell my kids / coworkers that I lost my new car because it turns out I couldn't get financed. I'm wondering if my app got flagged for manual review (and approved) but the system kicked out an automated disclosure notice? Strange. I would assume if they are asking for the car back that they'd be specific in that demand?
  4. Since I have a signed lease agreement with them (which outlines all of the agreed terms), should I expect it reflects the 'less than favorable rate'? Just wondering if I should expect them to demand the car back, or if I should expect them to say "hey you owe twice as much a month." Or, best case scenario, nothing changes, given we both signed a contract!
  5. The letter does not reflect a change in terms. It states only that 'we cannot extend credit to you OR we have offered you credit at less favorable terms than you requested.' The "or" here seems significant... lol!
  6. Wasn't sure where to post this, as it's kind of a unique situation: - I am in the midst of rebuilding my credit. My (real) FICO is around 660. - I needed a new car, and on a whim, applied online for a lease. - Lease is through the car manufacturer. - Was assigned a delivery date, went in and signed loan docs, made the payment for fees / taxes / registration, etc.... ($~3600) and took delivery of the car. - Got the car, and have been happy as a clam ever since. Got home today to find a letter from the finance company (dated 10 days ago) saying that they "carefully assessed my application and concluded' they are 'unable to extend credit, or have offered you credit at less favorable terms than you requested." Uhhhh. ....what? I have reviewed the loan documents carefully, and there is nothing in them about "contingent on final financing approval" or anything of the sort. The letter I received doesn't make any mention of needing to return the car, or anything about modifying the terms of the contract. - I've had the car for 3 weeks. - They have already cashed my check, and I've made the first month's payment... - In 2 weeks, the second payment is due. Do I call them up and ask what's going on, or should I just assume it's a clerical error and continue to make payments?
  7. TU: 3.15 - 30 late 4.15 - 60 late 5.15 - RPO 6.15 - RPO 7.15-2.16 = OK Balance = 0 High balance = 19,078 Status = current, paid EXP: 3.15 - 30 late 4.15 - 60 late 5.15 - RPO 6.15 - RPO 7.15-2.16 = OK Balance = 0 High balance = 19,078 Status = current, paid, closed EQ: 3.15 - 30 late 4.15 - 60 late 5.15 - NO DATA 6.15 - NO DATA (tons of no data months on this account/CR) 7.15-2.16 = OK Balance = 0 High balance = 19,078 Status = pays as agreed, closed Sadly, was done online. Mea culpa. There are limited options when disputing through CRAs online, I believe it was something generic like "no knowledge of account". I think the thought process behind this letter is essentially the 623 approach, so perhaps I should modify the letter to read something like?: "I am disputing the following information directly with you, the furnisher of information, and I am requesting that you conduct an investigation as outlined in the FCRA Section 623:" This lender is notorious for not being swayed by goodwill requests, so I'm really looking for any and all options I might have. It's worth mentioning that I have legal aid through my employer, so I may be able to retain an attorney to help me deal with this, if you think that's a better approach? Appreciate your thoughts.
  8. Hi all, I am cleaning up a few remaining baddies from a period in my life when I was suffering with a major depressive episode. In 2015, my car was repossessed after 90 days late. I redeemed the repo by bringing the account current, and paying all fees. Thankfully I am in a much better place now, mentally and financially, and recently bought a house! I am in the market for a new car, and while I can get approved for financing with a stupid interest rate, I want to get this repo off of my report to get a better rate. - I disputed with the CRs, and they all came back as verified. - Given that the repo is over 4 years old, I am considering sending the following variation of the WhyChat letter: Does anyone have any thoughts or concerns about this approach? I don't dispute that I defaulted, so I believe my only hope for removal would be getting them to drop the ball on a procedural issue, especially given the age of the account.... Any and all thoughts appreciated!
  9. Here's one of the many stories I've found online:
  10. Have a "top-drawered" Orchard Bank card that I used when rebuilding my credit 4 years ago. It came to my attention in August that they had been charging me for something called "Account Secure Plus" (ASP)... and that they had assessed more than $500 in charges over the past few years. I never signed up for this service, and as such, never looked for it on my statements. I called HSBC on August 13th, 2010 and was transferred to the ASP department. I requested it be removed from my account, and demanded that they refund all of the fees they had charged. They told me that they could not refund the fees, because I had authorized the service. I then asked them for proof that I signed up for it. I was told it would take 90 days, and if at the end of those 90 days they couldn't produce it, my money would be refunded. Nearly 80 days later, on November 2, 2010, I called ASP and asked for an update on the investigation. I was told that "due to a clerical error", they hadn't begun the investigation, and it would take an additional 90 days. I told them their mistake was not my problem, and demanded they refund my money. They refused. I escalated to a supervisor, who I finally got to agree to refund all charges on the condition that I wait until November 13th (full 90 days) to call back. "If at that point we still have not determined proof of enrollment, we will refund your money." Fast forward to today: November 29th. I called ASP to ask for the final answer on my dispute. I was told that the proof of enrollment investigation hadn't been initiated until November 2nd, and would have to call back in 90 days. Sound familiar? By the end of the "conversation" I had a supervisor who told me that he would listen to the audio recording of my August 13th call to verify that I requested proof of enrollment, and call me back in 48 hours. "If it turns out that you did request it, I will then expedite the investigation." (Note that he didn't say he'd refund the money, only that they'd, once again, try to prove that I enrolled.) Does anyone know what legal options I may have at this point? HSBC will not discuss ASP, and will not allow me to dispute the charges. It's worth noting that a Google search for "Account Secure Plus" brings up a multitude of strikingly similar stories. (90 day investigations being pushed back indefinitely, etc.) Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. All the family/emotion issues aside: My younger brother had bad credit and needed money for school, so he went through a private student loan company called Think Financial, and I cosigned for him. I wrote about it here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=205766 Secondly, it's insane how expensive school has become as compared to federal loan limits. You can only get like $3000 from the government! With average tuition closing in on $30k a year for private schools, it's insane! Where are we supposed to come up with the other $27,000??? Anyway, I wish you well, and hope you manage to figure something out. Good luck!
  12. Sorry I haven't been on the board in a while. Just wanted to say that I ended up cosigning for my brother and he (we) got approved for nearly $30,000 through Think Financial. We applied on a Saturday, were approved right away, and got the check on Friday. The crazy thing is that they actually send the check directly to you, payable in your name. It doesn't go to the school. Overall, a very good experience. PS- I just closed on a house, and when they pulled my FICO for the mortgage, the middle score was 768. BOOOYA!
  13. Well, I heard back from Experian. They say that the TL has been "updated," but from what I can see, the only change has been from "Balance = $0" to "Balance = N/A" Ugh. Why is a consolidated loan reporting this way?
  14. No, it's an online report direct from the Experian site. They break it down into "Potentially Negative Items" and "Accounts in Good Standing," and this TL is listed in the negative category. It's the only derog on my report, so it's extremely irritating.

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