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  1. Hello Brian B, The Loan Professor and Dallas Loan Guy, I want to thank you and the other forum members for your invaluable advise on the mortgage issues so many of us are experiencing! Unfortunately, I seldom have anything of value to add to any of these forums, however, I have gained so much knowledge from those of you willing to share your expertise I wanted to know that it is appreciated.
  2. Mod Squad, Thanks for bringing up the lawsuit issue I will look into it. I too am interested in the restoration of the Platinum Card. The past 2 years were crazy with ill family, bills, mail and postal addresses and many things fell through the cracks.. one of which was my Amex Platinum. I had a perfect record with Amex for over 30 years and then within a year had 2 lates and then totally missed paying one bill and my account was cancelled. I only owed about $5,000 which was the frustrating part. Now that things are back to order and funds are not going out the door to pay for skilled nursing facilities I wanted to make a deal with Amex but would like to know other's feedback before I initiate a payment. Many thanks!!!
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  4. Hello Everyone, I haven't been on these boards in ages - which was my mistake... and I can't seem to figure out or remember how to record my credit pulls in the credit pull section. So, I am going to list them just in case they help anyone. My Experian report is frozen due to identity theft but for some reason both Best Buy and Tiger Direct pulled from Experian - I have a note from the original fraud report that I should be called and at least thought they would have called. I got the usual will send a letter notice but called and I was told that I had negative payment history and that is why I was declined. Experian score - 590 (yes, bad) has two charged off private student loans. One from Identity Theft, the other from having my challenging them because I had a loan I was paying faithfully and then went into forebearance went back and there was an additional $35k. It looked like they combined the loans. And, after the multiple calls I stopped answering the phone, finally answered one phone call and the guy scared the smidgeons out of me, mom got sick and Sallie Mae was last thing on my mind. Until now, I am going to be job hunting in CA and I wanted to start looking and cleaning up my credit. YES, I should have been doing this for the past 6 months. Hope this helps someone.
  5. Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know that I opened a OneWest Bank account and savings. I got a letter a week later closing my checking. I have multiple duplicate inquiries from my credit union, First Entertainment, dating from 2 years ago. And, I opened a recent account. Have no idea why closed and didn't want to make an issue of it. Irritated so I didn't even call to see why!
  6. For some reason I got lucky on the Sallie Mae. I never had luck disputing with them, and I actually had one SM account which was fraud. Finally, I took a chance and on Transunion I disputed as belongs to person with similiar name. Ironically, the legit one came off and not the fraud one!!!
  7. I opened a checking account at California Credit Union today. They ran Chex but not credit. I had a clean Chex Report. However, oddly enough, I had about 8 inquiries from my current Credit Union, First Entertainment Credit Union. These inquiries dated back to 2010. The "personal banker" opening the account went and got approval to open the account with the inquries dating from 2010. I will dispute those inquiries because they just seem bizarre!!!
  8. Marv, Unfortunately, this is indicative of my current life.. because I am sitting at home on a Saturday night reading your loan apps and loving it!!! Thanks for this great service - and the TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Just to follow up on the earlier post requiring a general cease and desist letter does anyone know if we can send a blanket letter. I am in forebearance but Sallie Mae is still bothering my references. The references are totally irritated and are angry about the Sallie Mae calls. Do I tell them to send a cease and desist. No letters, no phone calls?? Thank you!!
  10. Lynn thank you!! I feel like a dork, but, even with me messing up!, there is no way that I can tell Sallie Mae not to hassle them? It seems as though there should be a do not call list or something like that?
  11. Hello. I did a search and didn't find a definitive answer on this so I am hoping someone can give me a bit of input. I am late on my Sallie Mae loans and they are calling and harrassing my references from years ago. Can I send a letter to them to cease and desist contact with them? Many thanks in advance!!
  12. Hello Everyone! What I was wondering is does anyone know for certain who pulls Transunion in Los Angeles. I am in a bit of a bind. I have too many inquries on Equifax (yes, I updated the Credit Pulls section!!) and have a 720 score on Transunion. I looked at the post of who got credit in 2010 but unfortunately people did not necessarily put which credit report was pulled. I would truly appreciate any assistance. Many thanks!!
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  15. Hello. I just resolved this problem and it was months of frustration with the IRS bureacracy. I tried customer service, collections, the general lien department and finally I was directed to the Technical Services Group. These are the people who can withdraw a lien which isn't accurate. When I had a lien filed against me when it should not have been it was a bit of a nightmare. I finally contacted the Lien Advisory Unit. There is a form 668 (Y) that I filled out and faxed with supporting documentation. To expedite matters when I got the notice for a lien withdrawal from the IRS I took it to county records myself and filed it. Then I fax a certified copy to the bureaus. Equifax and Experian removed it within days. Still waiting for Transunion. Hope this helps!
  16. JD, May I just say Thank you, with a capital T for being so immensely kind in your response. I truly appreciate your taking the time to give me such a detailed answer. Hopefully, I will be able to provide such expertise at a later date. 1. I will go to a Chase and see what I can get from them. 2. Contact EWS and see if I need to sort things out there. 3. Do you think I should first try to dispute the items with Chex? For those celebrating Easter - Happy EASTER!!
  17. Hello! To preface this I have read but will feel more comfortable getting, hopefully!!, some advise before I do anything with Chex. I have a dup for Wells Fargo, a JP Morgan (which I have never had) and a Bank of America. I would truly appreciate any feedback on how best to clean up these outstanding issues. The details are below: Wells Fargo Dupes Source of Information: RJM: Wells Fargo Debt Date Reported: 1/2/07 Reported for: Purchased Account/Debt Original charge off amount: $245.14 Closure Status: Not Reported Source of Information: Wells Fargo Bank Date Reported: 1/2/07 Reported for: Account Abuse - Account/Debt Sold Original charge off amount: $245.00 Closure Status: Debt Sold JP Morgan Chase (There is no Amount reported for this item) Source of Information: JP Morgan Chase Date Reported: 1/6/07 Reported for: Overdrafts Account/Debt Sold Closure Status: Debt Sold Bank of America Source of Information: Bank of America, California Date Reported: 2/5/07 Reported for: Account Abuse Original charge off amount: $183.08 Closure Status: Not Reported Many thank in advance!!!
  18. Hi Everyone, I have been a lurker but am finally taking a step forward and posting. Quick question regarding the reapplying for the Corporate Amazon accounts, has everyone been putting their personal details such as home address on the application? Many thanks!
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