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  1. Hello Hegemony, I just got a recent chexsystems report and I have closed both a credit union and a bank account in the past 2 years and there was no mention of either.
  2. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on BBVA/Compass in the LA basin. To open an account they only run EWS not chexsystems. I opened an account a few days ago. Additionally, what am I doing wrong...? I can not find the list for chexsystems banks. If this info is repetitive I apologise!! Be safe!
  3. Question, to follow up from TMC’s post has there been any difficulties with the HSBC Premier account since it was opened? Many thanks in advance and be safe@
  4. Happy Summer Everyone! Quick update, Comerica in Marina Del Rey runs chexsystems before opening an account. Have a great day!
  5. Just a heads up, I opened an account at union bank in marina del Rey, yhey are lovely there, nothing on Chex but I still can’t get Kinecta to remove from EWS so it was cancelled about 5 days later.
  6. Thank you for all of your help! Unfortunately, I was rejected from EWS. Kinecta reported me for fraud on Chexsystems and when I challenged them in person they removed it from Chexsystems since it was fraud. But, they did not remove it from EWS. I have had such bad luck with Kinecta Federal Union that I need to get another bank. Thank you!!
  7. If in California if you are in Los Angeles I hope that you are not pounded by the rain too much! I have a question, does anyone know for certain what local local banks DO NOT use EWS within the Los Angeles basin? I checked my chysystem report and it it clean, however, Kinecta put my account on EWS and has not removed it even thought they removed the Chexsystems. I have tried everything to get them to remove this entry. However, it has been a battle with the Credit Union. I have had to fight and claw my way to get anything accomplished with this credit union. I don’t know if it
  8. Thank you BPrude for the info on Sprint. I was trying to figure out which phone company to go through for a business account and none of it made sense to me. Truly appreciate it!
  9. I had nothing on Chexsystems so I got lax and didn't check EWS before I went to open an account at the two above banks. Ironically, I have had a savings at Capital One dating back to when it was orange. However, both declined me because I had an EWS history which I need to find out about and get sorted. Just in case this is of any help to anyone...
  10. Repairing, congratulations and thank you for the updates I enjoyed reading them. Especially since I have not kept up with Creditboards and am regretting my being so lax. It truly doesn't pay and I know better than to ignore my reports - from the excellent advise I have received from this board. However, I have one question, how the heck did you get 9 charge-offs deleted from Equifax so quickly? I don't know if you saw this link included in a post today with all of the contact data from numerous reporting agencies. If not, https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.consumerfinance.gov/f/docum
  11. I can log onto the website but my credit data and report will not populate.
  12. Hello, I just spoke to a lovely loan agent officer at Penfed. I spoke with the person who answers the phone for loans and then processes the information to send to the loan officer. Without my asking she got on the phone with me and explained her reasoning on why I did not receive a loan. A. I have had identity theft so I have an account showing as very late. For some reason I can not get Equifax to remove. She was very candid that that was what was lowering me score. In addition, to the fact that I didn't make my Navy FCU payment until after the cutoff date and ended up being over t
  13. Thank you so much for this post! Once I can get my revolving credit debt paid down to a better ratio this post will be my inspiration!
  14. If your mother is a US citizen, I am not sure how it works for green card holders but I can't imagine it would be much different, and didn't pay into SS and it looks like she has no other income she would qualify for food stamps and a few other senior programs. Have you looked into that to help defer some of your expenses. She can get on a reduced rate with the electric companies to cut down the cost of utilities. There is also a Lifeline assistance program for her phone and that would provide her with a cell phone and cover the majority of costs. Also, moving in with your mother would
  15. Cashnocredit, you humbled me. I apologise to the OP if I was a bit harsh on my earlier response.
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