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  1. yea maybe the holiday weekend has somethng to do with it
  2. OK so I guess I am not locked or frozen. I just never seen a blank box before there where the file should be
  3. Oh OK, I log in and it takes forever, then the box is blank. Maybe its a Sunday morning thing
  4. What does it mean when you go to E-Update and get a blank file? I mean, the box with the credit file comes up a blank with nothing in it? Then I click on the box that says make changes to see what happens and that says your credit file is unavailable at this time. I wonder if its because its sunday
  5. Thats what I thought also, but I want to be 100% truthful. I like to be able to sleep at night - On another note, some banks, I think bank atlantic is one, that doesnt even ask for those numbers, and others like BOA or Citi do
  6. On of my partners is going to pg a few of the big brand business cards like Chase and BOA. We are a relatively new corp. From everything I read here, it looks like PG'ed credit cards based on the signors score who is PGing them. So why do they ask for last years gross reciepts and annual income for the business on the application? Being relatively NEW we dont have any reciepts for last year. As far as annual sales, are we supposed to estimate this numbers or just put zero, and will this effect the credit line? thanks in advance.
  7. LOL the Teller would probably faint the sight of her uglieness
  8. Funny thing you say that. About 2 weeks ago I asked for an increase and they told me the same thing. SO I read your post the other day and tried to log on to my BMLB account to check if it was approved. I couldnt log in for about 3 days. I thought I forgot my password or something. But today it worked and I got in, they bumped me to 12K (I requested 15) Nice
  9. What part of the country are you in? Also, how old is the company (this will help figure out what options you have)? 650-690 credit scores are not really good...so it might be a good idea to find out what they are now. You'd probably want to see 700s with low utilization (under 35% at least) and no negative information such as lates. Having been BK would say to me to stay completely of the application...depending on the banks guideline this might give an automatic decline--they underwrite on all the signers not just one. The problem with using your friend is that he needs not only be an officer but owner as far as the application is concerned and usually has to be 50-81% owner depending on the business (there can be possible exceptions to this but it will limit which bank you can use and the rest of their guidelines). You might avoid all the headache and do a personal loan / CC to get your 25K, remove your BK from your Credit Report and learn a bit more to get yourself in a much stronger position. Which bank do you recommend for a personal loan?
  10. We may try a SOHO loan, I think we will have a better show at that then a traditional LOC
  11. Well, my cosigner just informed me those FICO scores are one year old, he has since paid down alot of debt. He might be in the 700 club by now. So anyway were going to give it a shot. Like I said, which banks are the most lenient with least amount of docs?
  12. OK GatorGirl: I would love to know about this, please post some details.
  13. My friend is willing to co-sign or guaranty a 25k business LOC. Which bank is my best show. He is not going to do a million apps, so I need to pick one that has a strong chance for approval. We want to do No Doc. Should I make him an officer of the company? Am I better off with a soho loan (sba) or just a regular LOC ? His Ficos aye 650 to 690. Also, since I have a BK from 2004 should I not go on the loan at all, or should I go on as the co applicant?

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