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  1. Are any of you carrying a balance on these cards when requesting CLI?
  2. Lady, Same with me. I applied on the 3rd, it showed up on CR on the 26th, I still don't have the card. Not sure I want it after seeing the low limit and $72AF, but I suppose I should take it and just try to get the AF waived after credit clears up.
  3. They buyers agent gets paid at closing. The seller pays the Realtor Fee, which is usually about 6% and the buyers agent gets half of that. Example: We closed on our house yesterday, our buyers agent got $7200 from the proceeds of the sale (from the seller)
  4. LOL. I was trying to get the "water closet" in the master bath. I took these for me to remember the house by when we were looking, didn't plan on sharing then....but didn't you see my disclaimer "I had the flu when I took these" LOL!
  5. Thanks, DLG! And here are photos!
  6. WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE TODAY! Of course, more things had to go wrong before we closed. 1) The interest rate had a discrepancy. Original paperwork said 5.25%, when the lawyers were doing the HUD, they found it said 5.5% in some places. 2) There was a question regarding seller contribution limits, but we were well within limits, so I don't know what was going on there. We were supposed to close at 3, got pushed back to 4 and we were literally in the lobby of the attorney's office when the wire came in! HAHA! But, we have the keys!
  7. Good luck, Shady! I just talked to our broker and she said it WILL BE today! Woohoo! It seems that they discovered a fraud alert on my husband's TU when it was in closing at Wells Fargo. This was probably from the missing VA laptop a few years ago, we sent the letter in that the Navy sent us so we could get the free credit monitoring service. The day before, the hold up was that they found (in the closing dept, mind you) a missing initial on the RESPA's. So, since my husband works 45 minutes from the broker, they had to fax the paperwork over, he had to fax it back and then they faxed
  8. Guess what? We didn't close. SHOCKER! The packet didn't come through in time. Now we're looking at 2:00PM tomorrow. Will let you guys know then. The Wells Fargo rep called us and apologized this morning. Remember that post on here where the guy had $1500 deposited in his account because of his experience? That would make it alllll better. LOL.
  9. Alicia, with our VA loan, yes they wanted those things. We had to send them the financials when we first applied and then again during UW because of the lapse in time (about 30 days). We had to provide statements for checking, savings, 401K, any line of credit (not credit card). My broker told me that they wanted to see that in the event of misfortune (literally) they wanted to see that you could make 2-3 mortgage payments without having to sell an asset like a vehicle. Any thoughts from the pros?
  10. kc11478

    Rate vs. APR

    Haha! This thread has SLID downhill....don't ya think? LOL BUT, I do agree with you, DLG. Except that in Music Appreciation, I was required to attend a minimum of three APPROVED concerts per semester. Think orchestra, folk music, bluegrass, and other concerts that don't exactly have college students lined up to get in!
  11. Be careful with this. I used to pay mine every month in cash at the store. (You can do this at any register) One month, I called to check balance and found that I had a late fee because they didn't process the payment in time, although I paid 2 days before the due date. They reversed the late fee, but it scared me! So, if you do Pay in store (which is great!) just be sure to pay ahead of time. Always save the receipt so you can call if anything happens!
  12. UPDATE: We are scheculed to close tomorrow at 4PM. I will let you guys know if it actually happens! The paperwork was supposed to be ready on Friday, then Monday, then today...as of 4PM today, the closing department at WF had given the clearance to close, but had not sent the packet out. Lawyer said he has to have the packet waiting on him tomorrow morning when he walks in at 8AM to close tomorrow. Otherwise, ONE MORE DAY.
  13. kc11478

    Rate vs. APR

    Thanks for the explanations! I'm beginning to think that we should have had Mortgage 101 back in college. I think it would have served a better purpose than "Music Appreciation" or other seemingly useless courses. Acutally, I'm sure that we rushed through some of this information in Financial Accounting, it just didn't really apply to me at the time!
  14. Hope all is well in recovery! My Bella had her surgery today. They removed a 5.8 lb tumor from her normaly 18 lb body. Poor thing. She has 38 stitches and a drainage tube. The tube will come out on Friday. She is doing great, hasn't cried at all and follows us around endlessly. She is on pain meds, so she's a little groggy, but other than that...I'm so pleased to know that she doesn't have to carry all of that around anymore!!!
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