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  1. Manual J. I'll never go with a central system again.........zone is the way to go IMO.
  2. I'm on my 2nd Vizio (addition, not replacement). I've been very happy with them. My only regret is that on my 2nd one, I elected to get a 'smart' tv rather than a regular. It was only about $10 more but I hate that function of it so much that I just got a 2nd Roku to go with the 2nd tv.
  3. While driving home from work yesterday, my vehicle died on the side of the road at 482,005 miles. Fuel pump. Good as new again today. Ready for the 500,000 milestone. Odd thing is, the original fuel pump lasted roughly 420,000 miles, but the 2nd one only about 60,000. Hopefully the 3rd one will be a keeper.
  4. Better news. But still a moron. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/07/18/dad-with-giant-face-tattoo-gets-laser-removal-reveals-hes-landed-first-job.html
  5. Moron. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/07/17/unemployed-dad-with-face-tattoo-rejects-45-job-offers-since-going-viral-with-desperate-work-plea.html
  6. If you have written permission from the owners of the land, go for it. If the a-hole were to be stupid enough to sue you, you can fight back with things like, does he pay taxes for his business, does he have a business license, encroachment on your property, etc. Call the department of agriculture on him lol.
  7. I really don't have much of a problem with them, but then again, I don't chain myself to my phone all day. It took a while, but I now have LTE continuously where I live - which is literally in the middle of the woods. The only issues I have any more is when I travel up the east coast, generally in the mountain areas. I get an unreal deal with them though being on an employee plan (but not an employee).
  8. I met somebody named Q once. That's it..........just the letter Q.
  9. I have it and used it for about 7-8 months now. Love it.
  10. I was 8th in my class of over 200. And that's because I skipped school 1/2 of my junior year and 3/4 of my senior year.
  11. ABBA has it's own playlist on my iphone.
  12. Right..........but surgery was incurred January 2017 and distributions would be in 2017 as well. I was just wondering if it would be flagged as being a duplicate distribution. I would get all distribution at once if the $$ was in there, but since it's a new account, it won't be.
  13. My company started offering HSA's this year and I got into it. They made a company contribution, and my contributions are spread out over 26 pay periods. In January, I had a somewhat expensive surgery, far exceeding what the yearly HSA contribution limit is. Question is...........can i submit for a distribution for what is in there now, then wait until the end of the year and submit for another distribution on what is put into the account between now and then? In other words, can I submit the same bill twice (as long as the actual payment isn't duplicated)?
  14. '98 Explorer. There's the socket end, which is charred and then I can see about 5" or so of wire, which looks ok to me. It's odd. There's 3 lights in the assembly..........the reverse light which is fine, the turn signal which is fine, and the brake light - which is not fine.
  15. I don't want to pay anyone to fix this. One of my brake lights is out, but it's not the light bulb. It's also not the fuse. I already changed the bulb (twice) and checked the fuses, plus the other brake light would be out if it was the fuse. On the wiring harness thingy, it looks all blackened/charcoaled, like it burned up or something. Not sure what would have caused that, but do you think it'd be worth taking a file or sandpaper or something to see if that's preventing contact with the bulb? Or, if I had to, could I just get a used part somewhere and splice it into my wires? I have an inspection coming up, plus I don't want to get stopped by the fuzz.
  16. Even though it totally freaks me out and makes me queasy, medical science is truly amazing. Not only do I now have great vision, all after a 20 minute surgery. But last year, my oldest friends' son broke his neck. Years ago, that was just about a death sentence, but he had surgery and is now totally fine. Last Sunday, my niece was taken to the emergency room where they did a catscan and discovered a massive tumor on her brain. She was admitted, had emergency brain surgery, and was released from ICU today and supposed to be released to go home tomorrow. With everything that can be done, it's difficult to understand how we still don't have a cure for the common cold. Or how they can fix something in a younger person, but not the same problem in an older person. It's just mind boggling to me.
  17. I have a full blood brother that I simply refer to as a-hole. Not a highlight of my life, but if I said otherwise I'd be a liar in addition to a cusser.
  18. Several years back, I tried to get something at a Wendy's drive-thru and pay with my card and it got declined. I paid with another card and when I got home, I looked online and saw I had all kinds of pending charges as well that I didn't make. I called the different merchants, and told them I didn't make the charges. One of the merchants gave me the address that goods were delivered to (in OK..........I live in NC). She said she wasn't supposed to give me that info but was going to anyway. I told all merchants it wasn't me-they said there was nothing they could do and I should call my CC company. I called the CC company - they said, ok, we'll place a dispute, but they need a written complaint filed with the police. I went to my local police and filed a complaint. I sent complaint to CC company. CC comes back DAYS later and said I needed to sign an affidavit. I signed and returned and told them by this time the damage was done and their security was so lax that I didn't want to do business with them and closed the account right then and there. Meanwhile, local police contact OK police, who went to the address that goods were delivered to. Guy at residence says, yeah, I got some stuff but was told that "if I receive stuff that isn't for me to forward it to such and such a place". Seriously. In the end, nothing got done, but I got the charges credited back. Total waste of time. I did all the legwork for them, and still nothing. Sickening.
  19. Anyone remember the free battery of the month club?
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