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  1. anyone out there? :shock:
  2. Has anyone here ever tried to dispute late payments or get goodwill from AHFC? (Amer. Honda Finance Corp.)? I've disputed with the bureaus of course and they all come back verified. I don't deny being late all the times they say I was, what I deny is being 30 DAYS LATE. No way, no how. :x
  3. Anyone? Anyone at all? YooooooooHoooooooooo-anyone out there?
  4. Does DCU have the ability to do rapid rescoring if need be? Trying to get a few last items off before applying to refinance, but don't know how much luck I'll have with the Credit Gods. Also, how do they feel about someone who recently became self-employed, but in the same field as they have been in for years? Thanks Group. You guys rock! :wink:
  5. Ok, I mailed all my stuff in to join DCU.......is it normal for them to pull a hard inquiry just for opening up an account? I did not apply for any credit card, car loan or mortgage. Today, MyFICO.com tells me they pulled a hard inquiry today. Not worried about being denied opening an account, but wth.......i don't want any inquiries either. I need all the points I can get.
  6. I think it's BellSouth out of Atlanta GA..........I just ordered a 2nd phone line from them after having them for 11 years. keep in mind, not NEW service, but a 2nd lline. I don't remember giving permission for them to pull credit. Do they have the right? :x
  7. BST-GA just showed up on my Equifax report.........any idea who it is? :x
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