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  1. Greetings one and all. For those of you who remember I had an old '98 Ford Explorer with a ton of miles on it. Well, I recently moved from the Charlotte area to another part of the state and decided I wasn't taking it with me and was going to either donate it or sell it for parts. It was still running, but got quirkier every year. I've been commuting every other weekend to get some work done around my house since I'll be renting it out and not selling it. For the last 2 years, I'd really only used it to haul stuff to the dump or to pick something up from Lowes and it only got a couple hundred miles per year on it. The last time I was in town, I was taking some trash to the dump and as I arrived at the dump, the coolant exploded and I figured I wasn't going to get it fixed since I was getting rid of it anyway. A buddy who's been helping me with projects around the house wanted it, so I gave him the keys and said I'd bring the title back with me on my next trip. He texted me today and said he was going to pick it up. He rigged up the coolant (still not sure what was wrong with it since I didn't care), drove it to his place, gave it a bath (it hadn't had one in 3 years) and said it drove fine for him. 550,001 miles. I'm actually kind of glad someone I know wanted it. Otherwise I would have always wondered just how far it would have gone. Among the long list of quirks: -gas gauge broken -once the doors or hatch lock, it's a PITA to get them unlocked. I just never locked them -transmission slips. I put in a quart of Lucas Transmission Fix about 10 years ago and it worked wonders up until about a year ago. Maybe that will work again -one cigarette lighter plug is caved in the dashboard, the other hangs out of the dashboard -some sort of critter has resided in it and chewed out a bunch of the foam from the front passenger seat. It's probably the same critter that chewed through the gas line twice that I had to get fixed. -dirty is an understatement -either an oil leak, or burns oil, or both (but not much) -since it wasn't driven much, i was replacing the battery yearly -speaking of replacing the battery, i had to make sure the dome lights were permanently off since the doors don't close properly and they would drain the battery -above the dome light on the roof outside is a water leak to inside the dome light. A couple years ago I sprayed some of that rubber sealant paint stuff on it and it worked wonders -i did touch up paint with appliance paint -sometimes the driver power window works. sometimes it doesn't. -neither the hood nor hatch stay up by themselves anymore
  2. A problem with services rendered.
  3. Hi all - long time no talk. I'm not on here much anymore, but something has come up that I need some legal help with. Nothing overdue, but another type of consumer type issue. Can anyone here recommend a good NC consumer attorney? Chris Livingston used to be great, but he's no longer practicing law. I tried searching the site but didn't see anything. But the site has changed a lot (or at least it seems it has since I used to frequent it).
  4. Greetings all! I wasn't sure where to post this, but Money Management seemed to be the best option. If I had health insurance with an HSA from Jan-May of 2022, not from June-Dec 2022, and do again effective Jan 1, 2023..........can I still make a contribution to my HSA for the prior year now? I wasn't sure how the IRS would look at that if I wasn't eligible to contributed for 7 months out of the year, but I'd really like to be able to with tax season coming up.
  5. Hey Everyone!! I haven't been on here in eons, and something came up and it made me think of CB since there's a wealth of all kinds of knowledge on here. Background - I have a 2-story house built on a large crawlspace (I can stand up in it and not hit my head). There has always been an access door outside to the crawlspace. Since it's such a large area, and the fact I have no garage, I use it for storage. There is an electrical outlet down there, lights, and I run a dehumidifier as well. What I'm trying to do is take an unused, small closet in the living area, cut a hole in the floor and put in stairs to make an interior entry to the crawlspace, rather than have to go out into the elements each time I want something. Of course, there is a joist in the way. This is way, waayyy beyond my scope of skill, even though I know the basics of what needs to be done (floor joist support, cut the joist, box it in). So I'll need to hire a contractor. I tried googling to find out what I'd be getting myself into, but I don't know what this procedure is called, or how to ask about it on google. Does anyone have an idea what this would cost me for a 2' x 2' scuttle hole? Or what it's called so I can research it? In case any of the old timers are wondering, I do still have my old Explorer, just recently passed inspection again, and coming up on 549,000 miles.
  6. So here's the story in a nutshell. Goods were not delivered. They weren't stolen, they actually were never delivered, and Amazon's own website stated as such. I tried to go through Amazon, and they wouldn't acknowledge anything I had to say, not even screen shots of their own website saying the goods weren't delivered. They just kept saying to pay up. So I disputed with Visa. Visa ruled in my favor. After the dispute, Amazon, numerous times, emailed me saying I disputed payment and shouldn't have, so pay up. It is Amazon trying to collect.
  7. Greetings all. I continue to have major issues with Amazon. I've got all the proof in the world they tried to collect on undelivered goods. Question - would they be considered an original creditor or 3rd party since the sellers on Amazon were 3rd party sellers? If original, what is their responsibility? I'm in NC if that matters. I'd have to go back and count, but all the evidence I supplied them - their only response was "pay us". Needless to say, I didn't.
  8. Thanks all, but it has gotten bad enough that now everything needs to be in writing. They sent me an email saying they have deactivated my account until I pay them - and I have proof that they never delivered the goods. I need to gather everything together, but at this point I must have at least 50 pages of documentation.
  9. I'm going to be getting a new roof - just waiting on the quotes to come in. Not sure yet if I'll go with metal or with asphalt shingles again. But I'm having trouble deciding what color I want to get. Right now my house is white, but in another year or so, it's going to be a light, olive-y, drabbish green. So, whether metal or asphalt, I can't decide which color roofs would go with that. Ideas?
  10. Hey all, I'm not around as much as I used to be, and when I am, usually in General Forum. I've run into a bit of a different situation that I'm not making any headway on. Amazon keeps telling me I owe them money. I do not. They are neither a creditor nor collector. A couple months ago, I ordered some stuff which never arrived. I tried to track everything online, and Amazons' own website and tracking info shows the items were never delivered and may have been lost. I reached out to Amazon at the time. You can't call them, they have to call you (and the number they call you from never works when you call it back). Anyway, they told me to simply cancel the order online. I tried, but their website is so jacked up it kept telling me to cancel it at a future date. I gave up and decided to dispute with my credit card company (Chase) and re-order the items. The new items arrived fine. After some back and forth, Chase finally gave me a permanent credit on my account. This is after I sent them 32 pages of documentation including: -An email from Amazon acknowledging my phone call regarding the order that never arrived. -Numerous emails from Amazon claiming that Chase has already reimbursed them for the disputed amount (which was not true). -Screen shots of Amazons' own website showing the items were never delivered (still showing a couple months after the order). -Amazon stating in writing to Chase that I not only received, but signed for items. I've never signed for anything for Amazon and requested copies of the signatures which I haven't received. -Documentation between the order number which DID arrive and WAS paid for, versus the order number which did NOT arrive and was disputed. I now have a new email from Amazon saying that Chase has sent them a second dispute. I tried calling Chase to verify, but the people I need to speak with are out until Monday. I highly doubt that is true, and doubt that Chase out of the blue would send a merchant a random request to dispute after they've already told me (in writing) that I've been credited. I cannot get through to Amazon. I've asked them numerous times prior to call me and they have refused to do so. I think it's best now to keep everything in writing. My emails to them get replies simply stating something along the lines of "tell us you want us to recharge you for these items and give us the card info in order to resolve". I tried chatting with them online and request the information for their legal department and they have told me, in writing, that they don't have any such info. They keep telling me to go to their "contact us" page, which is useless. Suggestions? I'm in NC if that matters.
  11. Yuck it up peeps. I love my flowbee. And I estimate I saved over $1300 over the last 15 years or so by using it. I get a real haircut every so often just so a pro can even out anything that's not even, but it's one of the better investments I ever made!
  12. Greets all. Long time no chat. If anyone has any MS Excel expertise, I need help with a formula. How can I make it so that if you have a cell, and the cell below it is identical, then the info in the lower cell would be deleted. For instance, if cell A1 said QSM is awesome. And cell A2 also said QSM is awesome, how could I set it up where cell A2 would automatically be blanked out? Also, for any crafty types........some of you may know I have a very old vehicle. Yep - I still have it, and drive it. Anyways, the cloth headliner is starting to come undone in several places. I was hoping to find some sort of glue injector where I could poke through the cloth, squirt some adhesive, and then press the headlner back into place. Something syringe-like maybe? I don't want to cut the headliner, since I think that would probably cause further damage. Just a tiny hole and shoot some glue in there. Is there such a thing?
  13. Does anyone here have any experience with the Embr Wave? It's that thing you wear on your wrist and is supposed to help regulate your body temp & keep you warm/cold. I can't help but think it's a scam but haven't heard of anyone that actually has one.
  14. In the hypothetical situation of economic collapse, there are groups of people that promote having things like gold & silver coins. But what I don't understand is, what good would that do? Sure they might be worth a fortune, but if there are no stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc..... where would you spend these things. Of course, there are people that promote bartering. That's great if you stockpile certain products, but again, what would you do with coins? Just hand them over to someone and say they are worth $$$? The average person wouldn't know the difference between coins, their purity, value, etc.... My plan is to go crazy doing whatever the hell I want until someone kills me. I just hope they make it quick and painless.
  15. Thanks!!! I'm going to get on this project I have this weekend and use the formulas you gave and see how it goes.
  16. I have two questions about Excel. First, if I track changes in a shared excel file, is anybody else able to "untrack" those changes or turn off the feature that I'm trying to track? Secondly, and this is more complicated - at least for someone that's not an excel expert........myself for instance, lol. I'm trying to get information from one spreadsheet, into another spreadsheet, but only if certain criteria is met. I tried googling, and honestly, I was even more confused after looking at a few web pages. What I'm wanting to do is: IF, Spreadsheet #2, Cell C5 contains the information that is in Spreadsheet #1, Cell A2 AND if Spreadsheet #2 Cell D5 equals Spreadsheet #1, Cell C2, THEN I want Spreadsheet #2, Cell K5 to equal Spreadsheet #1, Cell L2. Alternatively, If Spreadsheet #1 Cell D2 is the same as Spreadsheet #2 Cell F5, THEN I was Spreadsheet #2 Cell L5 to equal Spreadhseet #1 Cell L2. Make any sense?
  17. Neighbors likely know that somebody is deceased and figured it's a big job and people were hired to do it. And if questioned, that could be what the thieves said.
  18. Yep, '98 Explorer. Getting ready to take it on another drive up the east coast and back over 4th of July week.
  19. *sigh* I'm almost at 509,000 miles and really, really, really, really, really would like it go at least another year. Which is possible I guess, but more issues are starting to pop up. For a while now I've been going through a lot of oil. I could never figure out what was going on........it wasn't leaking that I could tell, it wasn't smoking out the back, it just kind of disappeared. Today, I think I found out where it's been going. Into my air filter. I had my oil changed this AM, ordered some tires, decided to replace some sway bar things that I should have done for safety, but don't *need* to keep it going. While it was getting a once over, they showed me leaking rear differential. Gave me an estimate to replace seals which wasn't bad so going back next week for that. The transmission slips every so often.........not horrible, but still not ideal. I added some stop slip stuff today which is the most I'm willing to do since I don't think the transmission fluid has EVER been changed. My power steering pump isn't in the best shape. It whined when it was cold. Doesn't do it now that the weather is warm, but a couple months ago I turkey-basted a bunch out and replaced the fluid, which helped, but it's nearing the end of it's life. Going to have the PCV valve replaced next week as well now and hopefully that will take care of the oil issue. If not, it's just a matter of time I guess. I have a set limit each year on what I'm willing to spend on repairs (not maintenance) - $600......and this will put me right at that amount. I always knew it wouldn't go forever, but every year it has kept defying the odds. In the meantime, I'm just going to look at it as a challenge to see how many miles I can get and keep putting band-aids on in the form of fluid fixes .
  20. Maybe a ho made them? Truth in advertising.
  21. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/abba-new-music-35-years/
  22. Every time a person farts, they are turning their poo pieces into an aerosol. Voila........airborne poo pieces.
  23. This sucks. I need a cheeseburger and I think I'm going to go get one. My breath stinks. I'm afraid to take the percocets they gave me, so I'm taking a 200 mg ibuprofen and a 650 mg acetaminophen roughly every 8 hours. Going back to work tomorrow.
  24. I just checked. I thought it was sarcasm when called Tuft & Needles, lol. It's a real brand I didn't know of. Sounds lumpy and itchy.
  25. Was it the "Mattress-In-A-Box" brand? That's what I got and love it. Surprised to hear your disappointment.
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