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  1. My Macy's store account (since 2008) was closed after 18 months inactivity. Do they reopen accounts?
  2. Hi, What is everyone's rate? I have 100% on time payments and still have the highest tier rate on every card. Please post both card and rate.
  3. I have an old Target REDcard I'm embarrassed to use. Do they still upgrade to VISA?
  4. I am starting a group to reform the banking and legal systems. It really isn't fair. I mean if they add interest indefinitely, it's impossible to ever repay. They don't even want people to repay; they want to KNAB people's stuff. They printed paper. They loan it indiscriminately (even to broke 18yo college students) And then come KNAB people's stuff.
  5. My mother stopped teaching after 29.5 years and had credit problems before she got her retirement money. She was sued and has several judgements. One local bank didn't add interest. One emergency room who sued her didnt add interest. However, Capital One sold her debt to Dominion Law who has added an astronomical amount of interest. What was originally a $1,500 credit card: They are still adding interest to and they are now sending her $8,000 bills. How are they allowed to add this much interest? I have a $5,000 credit card: if they continued to add interest like this it would become $40,000. How could I ever repay it? How is this fair? To experience credit problems once and then the debt just mounts so theres no way it could be repaid. BANK KNAB ALIEN A LIEN
  6. I cant schedule a Citibank payment for next month. It will only let me select a date over the next week. Is it like this for everyone else?
  7. It may be Fraud Prevention just trying to verify you authorized the purchase. Good luck!
  8. I have 2 Capital One accounts. Unfortunately, the older account has an annual fee. I asked them to kill the fee a few months ago & they wouldn't. I want to combine the older account into the newer account without a fee. I know they allowed this in the past, but policies have changed so much recently. Will they still let me do this? Thanks everyone!
  9. Those of you that got hard pulls for checking: Did they pull all 3 like they do for CCs or just 1 hard?

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