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  1. Thanks a lot Why Chat, I am waiting for a few more days, 23rd or 24th, to see where Medicaid goes and try to get the info from them. Meanwhile, should I send the Validation/Dispute/Seize/Desist letter to the americollect ?
  2. Thanks so much for the advise, but I am afraid it is too late to talk to hospital financial office In either case they weren't too eager to negotiate. Didn't offer much of an assistance either. Now that I am in collections, what the steps they can take to pursue it? I don't have relatives / friends who can loan that type of cash. What am I to expect moving further if I don't pay ??
  3. In March, I got into an accident in Wisconsin and ended up in Froedtert Memorial. Just under 5 hours there and a few scans, they billed me $27,000 +. I am on Medicaid in Illinois and Froedtert basically did everything not to submit the bill to Medicaid, claiming they are out of network. They wouldn't send medical records as required and itemization of services / procedures performed. Instead, they have been billing directly to me. I am financially broke with Covid and everything, hence the state insurance. After 6 months, trying to convince the hospital to submit a proper
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