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  1. xdfgf

    Home Improvement Cards

    Hmm... certainly something to look at and into. Thanks!
  2. xdfgf

    Home Improvement Cards

    These cards really seem geared more towards people who have their mortgage through the same bank by offering as the main reward a discount on your mortgage payment... Is the Home Improvement rewards card an unpopular concept? It seems to me that outside of store branded (Lowes Card, HD Card, etc.) that there are none except the Chase....
  3. xdfgf

    Home Improvement Cards

    I saw this card at I think Citi's website and was interested BUT.... the closest HD is 50 miles away and closing next month.
  4. xdfgf

    Home Improvement Cards

    So I own a duplex and I'm going to get a few impovements done this summer. All are very small tasks (max expense for everything less than $1000) and can be done without contract work or heavy equipment. ANYWAYS I've been perusing the Home Improvement websites (Lowes in particular) and they always have 5,10,20% off with credit approval type promotions going on with their store branded cards. I don't want a store branded card. Ever. For anything. So I found the Chase Home Improvement Visa that offers 3% cash back at Home Improvement stores and I'm thinking about converting my Starbucks card to it ($5 coffee is out of the question right now). So before I pull the trigger are there any other good Home Improvement cards out there? Anyone got some recommendations?
  5. xdfgf

    CITI is making it hard to even look at another card

    Just by chance I loaded up CB after waking up from my nap and saw this thread. I too put travel expenses totaling $600 on my new citi card last month and decided to try the luv button. No form just $1000 bump. LOL. Thanks for the idea!!
  6. xdfgf

    Want to Join a CU...

    Relevant to my interests....
  7. xdfgf


    I just returned from a beautiful week in Liberty, Ky. Sunny skies, 85 degrees, warm water. No, I didn't call VISA to tell them that I'd be using their card outside of civilization. Yes, I did bring a backup MASTERCARD but am pleased to report that VISA was accepted EVERYWHERE........ hotels, restaurants, peepshows, County Jail, tourist traps, horseback riding, bars, gas stations, and even convenience stores. Hey, the entire county only has 10,000 citizens, but the business folks there clearly recognize the value of VISA............Best of Breed J/K. I'm an amex slut myself
  8. xdfgf

    Penfed LOC

    Figured as much... Thanks
  9. xdfgf

    Penfed LOC

    What are the chances of getting a LOC from them today? Would they use the same pull?
  10. Isn't that in Ky with tight eligibility? It is in Ky. Never looked at eligibility since everyone in my family is a member literally.... A quick looksy does seem to imply they're tight... I'll make a phone call later and find out for sure.
  11. Commonwealth Credit Union reports as an installment.
  12. xdfgf

    Has anyone heard of First Equity?

    I know I like to eat delicious paint chips and all that, but I don't think I'm a moron.... Where is the T&C's/rate info at? I can't find it all on the website.
  13. xdfgf

    I got approved!

    Addison Avenue CU members get 15% off of HP consumer purchases. Just an FYI Link
  14. US Bank after the 6 months mark is soft if you use the automated phone system to get it.
  15. xdfgf

    HSBC Discover

    Nope. No CLI, no lowering APR, and crap limits.

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