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  1. Welp, one hiccup I had not planned on has reared its head: not many lenders will accept a heloc on a non primary residence and if they do, the rate isnt much better than a personal loan. PenFed seems to do it, but Im not a big fan of them and 2 of the big 3 national banks Ive pooped on in the past. Will continue the search....
  2. So I own a duplex both sides occupied generating around 1100 a month. I'm employed fulltime and pulling a whisker under $100k. My duplex is due a roof and a few more improvements I've been wanting to do to it to increase rental income. I'm weighing out the pros and cons of each. Figured I'd ask for some input here as well. Any reason to get a HELOC, HE-Loan, or just pay cash over the rest? Any lenders to avoid? Seek out?
  3. Is it just me, or does it seem odd to have the new green card being advertised as "more earth friendly" to have a gas multiplier on it? Maybe I'm just being weird or stupid
  4. Barclays rejection for too many opened accounts in the last 24 months. Interesting
  5. omg, if this was only a physical redesign and not a rewards restructure.... I'm baffled right now, that they would show it without a relaunch page yet. So I guess there is still hope
  6. Shame that its only the first 30 days. Hotels and lodging does seem like a missed category for a multiplier on one of the charge products. Maybe an agreement with the 2 brands they have dedicated products for (hilton and Marriott)? If it was a perm change for the biz green Id be mildly hype. Excited for the new personal already
  7. So I'm working an AmEx SUB and a 5/3rd SUB right now, I've googled and seen some posts about USB declining apps for for more than 3 cards in the last 12 months etc when apping this card. Anybody got any info or heard differently about that? Thinking about apping this early in the new year for a trip to the PNW.
  8. 5/3 Trio 4k Limit. I'll take it I guess
  9. Thank you so much! Now I just have to wait for 100k schwab plat offer to come along
  10. Stacked that with the extra point per dollar at staples on my BB+, then went through rakuten for an addition 6% in MR. Amex is pushing 35k mr offers to green card holders right now to upgrade to the gold 60k to upgrade green to platinum In other news a new round of targeted 100k has gone out from Amex direct, and a new round from Schwab for platinum* No word on green update still, tick tock tick tock Anyone got a referral for the $100 new account at schwab you can hook a brother up with? PM me
  11. A bbva Pre-qualify, turlit.... but I was weak... 53rd trio preapproval... I submitted...
  12. An "OUTSTANDING" offer from The Bank of Missouri for a Cerulean card with a starting limit as high as $750! First Premier offer and One Financial Flushed them all down the turlit

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