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  1. I only use checks on coupon day at the grocery store. I love the anger, it keeps my stools regular
  2. Amex Hilton Biz 8k My biggest loc so far
  3. Parking at Philadelphia museum (the one with the rocky steps, can't remember the name) had a sticker that said the same, but I didn't see it until it spit my rose gold amex back after the payment processed. So ya, I think in that case it was just BS
  4. My checking account info is f'd on the mobile app. Crashes 3 out of 5 times, but only on checking. Irritating
  5. BBVA debit card. Working a bank bonus on them right now. A merrick bank offer, turlit
  6. So several years ago I opened a Treasury direct account for whatever reason, and It's just kinda sat there for a long time empty and unused. Now that I'm starting to grind bank accounts a little bit I've started to use it for qualifying direct deposits on pretty much every bank there is including chase and BoA. I was wondering if there has been any other interesting tidbits found out there about this kinda oddball service. Anyone had a terrible experience?
  7. Rumor about ultra premium AmEx between Platinum and Centurion Baffled about what this could possibly be the multiplier on this one unless it's a combination of all cards underneath, which seems out of character for Amex. Will be watching this along with the new premium Cap1 and Citi.
  8. Do you have a drug problem? I did and ruined my credit for a decade because of it. I'm not passing judgement, just want to let you know that it can be fixed, and it will get better. Good luck.
  9. Uber card is circling the turlit LOL This thing is headed to the sock drawer soon leaving absolutely Zero Barclays credit products that I am interested in
  10. If I didn't have Gold and Platinum already, this would be a pretty sweet start to AmEx. The 3x on hotels is a nice grab, but I book mostly through travel.amex now so I'm pulling 5x on the platinum. It's not a bad refresh, but it's not what it could've been Also there is a 45k point offer on 2k spend via incognito
  11. Amex has posted to their Instagram Stories section "Something exciting is head this way!" with an image of a woman getting of a metro style train, and then a few more millenials getting out of Tuktuks, cabs, and ubers. I'd say that 3x transit is the tease for this one.

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