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  1. New Blue Biz Cash They killed off the old Blue Biz SimplyCash and released a new card with a flat 2% cash back on the first $50k and then 1% after that. Not real exciting No new rumors or info on Green refresh. Looking more and more stale by the day....
  2. Sounds like this is more about user error than anything else...
  3. So just an observation, Rose gold ends on 7/17, prime days are 7/15-16th. If there is a promotion for an amazon card that offers free prime, the day after primeday and the same day another big promotion ends, would be a pretty good day to launch. Fwiw
  4. If they added some more multipliers to platinum, I'd consider picking it up and skipping the green. I'm hoping the "streaming services" is a catch all in reality for an entertainment category at 3x or so. Netflix and movie night/theatre etc. I'd be pretty happy with that.
  5. Welp, guess I won't be hustling to get citi cards anymore...
  6. Agreed. I'm really enjoying the amex charge card "lifestyle" (lol) but would be willing to pay another smaller AF for another card that could help flesh out our MR earning. We have a BBP already so we got the 2x locked up, just looking for another larger multiplier for everyday expenses. I'm pretty excited to see what comes out of this, I just hope it's not flying/airline centric. We just aren't big travelers right now, when we get to that point we will look at the platinum or CSR if chase will have me.
  7. With an upcoming refresh of the American Express Green card there are several rumors swirling about potential improvements. Right now the Green offers 2x points on purchases through the amextravel portal and 1x on everything else for a $95 AF. Yawn. The current rumors are suggesting a June/July/August launch bringing with it 4x on "gas" and 3x on "streaming services" with a wild card of free Amazon Prime with membership. Not awful at all if true. I'd be curious to see the caveats that will certainly come with the gas category, and the streaming services seem a little petty since I'm sure even the most die hard cord cutter only spends around 50-75 a month in service fees. As with all the other charge card refreshes I expect to see a bump in the AF to around $149 which leaves this a little underwhelming to me. If it's meant to be an intro to AmEx charge cards then it would seem to entice the everyday folks you need to include everyday expenses for instance, cellular service. Maybe free phone insurance for any service paid with the card, similar to the propel from WF. Just throwing daydreams out here. Anything you would want to see with a potential refresh? Original link: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/rumor-american-express-to-refresh-green-card-4x-on-gas-3x-on-streaming-more/
  8. Trashing the age for a CLD is a bit.. foolish.
  9. Would like to mention I was approved with an sp on EQ for 4.5k using this site.
  10. Congrats. Im new to the charge card game too, but Im actually digging it quite a bit. The one thing that caught me off guard was I used it to pay a few bills and I logged into pay them. Then I went to the grocery, got some gas, etc and after they posted I went to pay them, but amex wouldnt let me. It seems to only allow payments a couple of times a month which is fine, but was something new to me. Hope you enjoy yours like we have been
  11. Just got approved for my gold card, says member since 06. I'm not holding my breath on getting the account backdated. Would love to be surprised but I doubt it
  12. Whew. From 520 last year to 748 this year on experian. Had Cap1 Platinum and QS1 for a couple of years This year I've picked up a 5k USAA, 4.5k Discover, Uber for 1.5k My biggest thrill is I'm back in at AmEx with a Rose Gold and a Blue Biz plus. Simply ecstatic Gardening the rest of 2019 and hopefully will be looking at getting back in with chase in 2021.
  13. Forgot one, NASA FCU. They hate me though lol
  14. Alliant CU out of chicago is my primary bank. I've had great experience with them all around. No credit products through them yet. As a backup I've got State Dept FCU as a secondary bank, not a lot of use, but I've had good customer experience and they seem to pull Experian exclusively. UNFCU I also have an account with but they are simply there as an option for very high limit cards. There are a few that I've never used but have heard of, Agriculture FCU, Justice CU, and US Senate FCU. IMO start with allilant and SDFCU first, very easy membership reqs, UNFCU has some picky membership reqs but can be done anyway. Good luck

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