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  1. Wescom Credit Union is phenominal....Outstanding customer service, never any long lines--they're great!
  2. 12 inquiries are back on.........previously 0........dropped my score by 15pts
  3. Try faxing (or mailing) a copy of your payment confirmations to the CRAs along with a letter requesting that they update your credit reports accordingly.
  4. I was just approved for a 5,000 NavCheck LOC, 1,000 NRewards Visa and 1,000 NRewards MC all within 3days. I do not even have a score on EQ because my credit it too new. I only have a little over 4 months of credit history reporting because (with the help of CB) all my baddies were removed--only my newly established credit is showing. They still Approved me for all THREE, so I really don't think your credit score matters as far as granting Approvals is concerned. Score probably matters only to determine the interest rate. They did, however ask me to fax over my two recent paystubs because debt to income also plays a huge part. Luckily my debt to income is very low, so I was able to get all THREE!! I say, no matter what your score is, if you have decent payment history and little to no baddies on your EQ report, Go for it!
  5. So after almost three months of reading just about every thread I could until my eyes blead, I finally mustered up enough courage to post...no really, truth is I couldn't hold this one in. I've made a huge amount of progress with my credit repair over the past several weeks--thanks to CB, but this indeed was the tip of the iceberg for me. After seeing some movement in my credit scores, and several baddies removed from my reports, I took a chance and applied for a Chase Rewards MC--which afer I hit the submit button, I started kicking myself thinking I may have been a bit premature in applying. Anyway, I applied online about a week 1/2 ago. After reading several posts about Chase approvals I know they take a while, but I was so very anxious to find out if I was approved, I'd call the status line everyday...just to hear the "your application is still in review" blah blah blah... Lastnight, I received a letter in the mail stating the application was denied due to a collection account & PR on file. I felt disappointed for a minute, but quickly turned that attitude around as I started reflecting on some of the posts I recently read on CB about Chase recons...I smiled and went to sleep thinking about how I would tackle this recon in the morning. Well this morning I called 800 480 1870 (I found this number on CB in a thread about Chase recons posted by dd7 back in December--thanks dd7!!). A very hum drum rep answered my call and I began to ask her for a reconsidertion of my credit card app. I'm thinking to myself, I hope she's cool--she didn't sound as if she was in a "recon" mood. She proceeded to ask me a couple questions regarding the collection account and the tax lien on my CR. I told her the collection was a medical collection that is currently in dispute because I had health insurance at the time (it's only $280), and the PR is a tax lien that was paid and released. She proceed to say that because there's not enough credit established, and my credit cards are only two months old, she would not be able to approve the credit card. I tried to get her to budge by attempting to justify my lack of credit, but it didn't work--she didn't give. I hung up the phone and sighed.....something just didn't feel right...I didn' feel as if she even tried to reconsider...so guess what I did??? I kid you not, literally two minutes later, I dialed the same number (800 480 1870) and a different rep by the name of Amy answered my call this time (I was praying I didn't get that same lame rep). She was so pleasant, I could tell she really wanted to help me. I began asking her for a recon--same spiel as I said before. She began to "really" review my application..she says "so you make 72K a year and you're an Office Professional". I said yes, that's correct. She said "so tell me about the collection and PR". I proceeded to tell her same as I told the other rep. She said, "ok, can I put you on hold for a minute". I said sure! She came back to the phone, and I just knew she was going to deny me.......She said "I will go ahead and Approve your application.....for $1000". I was so stoked!!! It's my largest CL--shoot, it's my first prime card...I know it's not much, but it means the world to me right now. And I'm here to confess that recon really does work!! I just want to say thank you to every one at Credit Boards!!! You are truly a blessing to me!!
  6. I did my daily pull yesterday and noticed the new tradeline on my EQ report as well. I was under the impression they only reported to TU..Oh well, I'm not complaining, I need all the positive reporting TLs I can get. I'm due to check my scores the beginning of Jan, hopefully my score hasn't dropped..
  7. They only pulled a "soft" for me on EQ. I asked the Rep and was told they only pull a hard if applying for credit cards or LOC...and she said they always pull EQ. 10/9/07 - EQ 571 TU 604 EXP 589 12/1/07 - EQ 568 TU 612 EXP 653

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