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  1. Why kill FH? I know it’s mega subprime but no fee but it’s prob my oldest of open TLs. I know way less than you so I’m super interested in the suggestion to close it. I’m not opposed to closing it but I want to make sure it makes sense to and understand why. thx so much!
  2. Post bk. I’m a two time offender. Why kill FH? I know it’s mega subprime but no fee but it’s prob my oldest of open TLs. I know way less than you so I’m super interested in the suggestion to close it.
  3. Ficos between 640-660. 7 years post bk. Never had BofA card before and heard they’re good to get in with. Did the prequal and it said to apply for cash rewards card. Did so, declined, and it suggested the 99$ deposit 500$ secured card.I have the following right now:Amex delta 1k (new)Discover IT 1.6k (new)Cap 1 1250Cap 1 750Nfcu 500 (new)HSBC 1500Usbank 2500 (secured)Fingerhut 2500UT is like 2%.Lots of paid baddies im working on getting off.Should I bother adding the 99/500 bofa secured? Only reason to would be to get in with BofA and I already took the hard pull from em.Thoughts?
  4. Super good tip on waiting for that third statement - saved me an HP bc I had calendared it for day 91 lol. Will watch for the third statement. Thx for the info sir!
  5. I haven’t been following anything related to this but why would it get declined?
  6. Everyone has been saying to click the CLI request button at 91 days - should I wait six month or is every 91 days just as good?
  7. 125k income. No credit card debt (have about 10k total limits in cards spread across six cards), I have a car loan for like 15k, 155k in school loans. Eight settled charge offs from 2.5-3 years ago.
  8. CV thank you so much for taking the time to explain these concepts for me! Yr awesome!
  9. So I’ve been reading a ton the last couple months about a bunch of topics and want to understand better a few probably basic concepts: 1) I’ve read over and over that for max ficos you want only one card to report for 2$/3$. Is that still the consensus? 2) I’ve read that to get CLIs you generally need to actually use the card you want a CLI on. Makes sense... 3) is it true that whatever your balance on statement cut date for a particular card is what they’ll be reporting to the CBs that month? If so, and given #1 above, you’d want to know the statement cut date for each of your cards to make sure only one has a 2-3$ balance at statement cut date right? 4) so then it would make sense that, for maximum chance for CLIs while keeping in mind maximizing your FICOs, you’d want to charge a decent amount each month on each card and then pay it off before statement cut date so it doesn’t report a balance (except for the one you’ll leave a 2/3$ balance on), yea? 5) if all the above are true and that’s the optimal way to handle your credit cards, does it hurt you during manual credit report reviews to future potential creditors that your reports make it appear you never use any of your credit and they might infer that there’s no real benefit to them to grant you a new credit line given that you’re not using your new credit since the reports show no usage? Thoughts on #1-5 above? (If my credit profile matters in addressing these Qs I have mid 650 ficos with a seven year old BK and about 8 paid CO accounts I’m working very hard on getting removed which I know is waaaaay more important than my concerns about #1-5 above, but I want to make sure I understand the above and put that on autopilot while continuing to attack the baddies.)
  10. I have a CO'd Jared account that CO'd in Jan 2016. I settled for 1/2 later that year. Seem to be reporting correctly so I'm going to try a Goodwill letter to them. Anyone ever tried one with them? Any luck? Any email contacts (the one goodwill success story with a diff creditor I had I got via email so...)? Thank you kindly!
  11. Did you ever resolve your issue with CFNA? i've got a similar situation - charged off around when yours did but i went ahead and resolved w/ their law firm (McCarthy Burgess & Wolff). i paid exactly 1/2 of the acct balance to resolve it. i'm going to try a GW letter to delete to them soon and see what that brings. we'll see. if anyone has an email contact in their executive office i'd love to know it...
  12. thanks so much CV - have a great weekend. hopefully some of the NFCU pros can pop in!
  13. So I joined nfcu w checking a year ago and haven’t ever used it. Got denied for a cash rewards with them (ficos were ~550). Tried again six months after that (ficos ~600), denied again. Yesterday applied again (they pulled TU - Fico 648) and got a text saying approved and this morning got my credit line: $500 cashrewards card. Super stoked to be in with them but bummed w the super low limit. My income is 125k/year and my other card limits are 2500, 1500, 1250 and 750. Granted I still have a bunch of paid baddies on my reports and a seven year old BK7 but reviewing the boards I see a lot of people in my sitch get 10k+ limits all the time. I can probably put like 3-4K thru that 500$ limit card each month if they clear my payments fast enough. (It’ll be a bit cumbersome making 8 payments per month but I’ll do it if it helps.) Should I do that and then ask for a CLI on day 91? Or is that just a crazy idea? Any advice from the NFCU experts out there on how to move up to higher limits with them?
  14. I had a CREDIT ONE acct that i didn't pay and it charged-off. In sept 2016 they transferred it to LVNV FUNDING. A month after LVNV Funding got it I had money to pay and called LVNV and settled it for 1/2 of the balance. Fast forward to now and looking at my credit reports and on all three reports CREDIT ONE has a charge-off showing with 0 balance and LVNV FUNDING shows a collection as paid/settled in full with 0 balance showing. Both entries were for the same account. Is there any way I can get one or the other removed (preferably the collection acct) since they represent the same now-settled debt?

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