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  1. Thanks guys, I am going to look to see if I can fix the car, this is CRAZY. Patelco does has a KBB option that will allow me to pay off the car with the blue book value which is a good thing to know. I plan to call other transmission places today to see if I can get a "used" transmission. Question: Where can the business get a auto loan? The business would qualify.
  2. Did anyone take this offer? I completed the Citibank Phoenix program. They offered to me in June 2009. I had to pay $100 per month for six months and then they would re-open the account. New card and account was re-opened on 1/29/10. Happy to have my Citibank account back!
  3. Also my credit has taken a huge hit due to the economy. So I need a place that will lend to bad credit folks......
  4. Well, according to Patelco they have a pay down KBB option. They will release the title if you pay the KBB option which is $5k. The dealer offered me $500 for my car today. Ridiculous! Tomorrow I am going to call a few transmission places to see if someone can give me a used one or something that will last for a year or so, this is a nightmare. I am self employed, own a business. Is it easier to put the car in teh business name? Can we do fleet purchases anymore?
  5. Help! I have a 99 Range Rover HSE. I financed it 100% with Patelco a few years ago. The car died this past Friday. The dealer has offered me $500. I assume I could get more at Carmax or someplace like that... The KBB is $5k, but the car needs a new transmission which is $7k -- $5k used. So here is the dilemna. I need to get a newer used car. I have never been in this position before. Can someone please advise? Do they do upside down loans anymore? Advice? Credit is shaky - due to economy. I am self employed. Can business buy the car? Help???
  6. Hello I bought a business and the debt of the business which is about $50k in credit card debt. I want to take the previous owner's name off the cards and put my name on the cards. Does anyone know if this is possible? How to do it? Strategies? Help! This is a major headache. So far I have applied for Key Bank and been approved $6k and for HDMC been approved $5.5k
  7. I agree with you on AMEX. I have called them three times to try and apply for the Corporate Card and I have not received one phone call. You can't apply on line. You have to ask for a call back and no one has called in over a week. Oh well...... I think you are right, I need to stay away from AMEX. I got Key Bank and HDMC. I will focus on store cards and hope the HDMC and Key CL's grow.
  8. I just received the same response....7 - 10 days. So we shall see.... http://www.creditboards.com/forums/style_e...lt/rolleyes.gif
  9. Can you point me to the app. It used to be pinned.
  10. Need some advice and guidance. I have been 30 - 59 days past due on my BofA mortgage for several years. Long story, I am a business owner and when cash is tight, I pay the mortgage late. Most of my debt is in my business name so I knew my personal FICO score would take a hit. Now, I am coming into some CASH and want to pay the mortgage with BofA up to date, but I want the late payments deleted from my credit file. Since we are in a FINANCIAL CRISIS has anyone had any luck removing late payments on their credit file with BofA? Any strategies or suggestions? I have been reading the "goodwill" letters but need some advice on what to write or ask for in order to get the late payments removed. LJ
  11. Thanks for the POINTER I am printing the app now and will give to the bookkeeper to fill out tomorrow. I called AMEX Corporate and they told me that they wanted $4m in revenue for a purchasing card. The last time I got a purchasing card, my business had $212k in revenue. So we shall see......
  12. I applied on Monday for Biz #2 and received $6.6k in total line of credit. Biz #2 has a 80 paydex and been in business for 20 years. However, very little credit. The former owner financed the business on personal credit cards. So far this week: Staples Key Bank $4.4k HDMC $6.6k Working tonight on Exxon Mobil, Shell, Amazon LOC, Target, Kinko's, Home Depot, Lowe's and Tiffany's. Need more though.....want a Citibusiness and need the AMEX Corporate Card.
  13. I just bought Business #2. Yes in a recession. Trying to get this card for my 2nd business. Has anyone had any luck with the AMEX Purchasing card?
  14. I pay this card at least two or three times per month. I am trying to up my credit line, but they raised me a bit last month so i have to wait the 90 days in order to get a CLI. Darn!
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