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  1. Does anyone know much about college savings plans? I want to open up either a 529 or a regular ESA for my son. I'm am unsure about the 529 plans because of the fees. Any advice?
  2. First Premier Bank has lost it. Didn't Obama just get on them about this? And to think I was seriously considering them just because.
  3. This sounds like a good plan. Would it matter if I got the secured CC at a different bank?
  4. Well I called and was able to speak to someone who told me I was denied because of my BK. I asked what as the policy concerning BK and she told me I would have to wait 7yrs to qualify for a card with WellsFargo. She then told me about the secured card option. I asked would the card convert to unsecured after a year and she said that currently they are not offerering that program but it may become available in the future.....
  5. Well I just faxed over my tuition bill & class schedule. Do you think it's to early to call? Should I wait till Monday. Maybe I should call and make sure they got the fax.
  6. Yes I have student loans on my report. They are in deferment.
  7. I applied online. Felt kinda lucky when I got approved for an Orchard bank card....still waiting on the mail lady.... Don't know what my credit score is. (ive been a bad girl, i'm scared to look) Got this message..... Would they really bother verifying my enrollment if they were gonna deny me? I'm faxing my stuff first thing in the morning......
  8. Go ahead and call me the slime of the earth: I write college papers for $$$.
  9. (Hi y'all, I haven't been online in a while) I was just doing some random googling and noticed that there aren't any subprime card links around. The only thing I see for FPB is a secured card and a bunch of prepaid ones. Not the countless number of $150 fee cards that I saw last year. I wonder what happened?
  10. After 90days I will qualify for this card. http://www.e-duction.com/html2.0/index.html The payments are automatically deducted from your paycheck.
  11. Not counting cut buddies or sugardaddies: 1 ex husband, 2 ex boyfriends
  12. ePaper

    CC Reform

    Hello everyone. Can someone provide a link where I can read the entire CARD act. When I google it I only get "details". I need to read the whole thing. ?QUESTION? From what I got from the TV 2wks ago this act was supposed to do away with monthly participation fees (First premier bank). Is that true?

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