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  1. Armed forces bank checks Equifax and certigy check services ( similar to telecheck). If your account is open past 5 business days then you are pretty safe... Armed forces bank has been known to shut down accounts months and even years later. They review account with multiple NSF's, and if they feel you are a risk, they will Sur you down . They will give you a 30 day notice
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  3. Everyone is correct. Keep in mind, if you pay back the debt and APPLY for an account in a few days, you have to be able to CREDIT QUALIFY for an account. If you have any negative information on your reports or your credit score isnt 725 + and you really want a new amx, Id suggest the OASIS program. You pay off your balance... they send you a Optima card with a credit limit of HALF of your orginal chargeoff amount or bk amount. This way,you can have a amx card and be protected from AA under the oasis program. It also gives you time to Improve your credit until your ready for a regular american express. Some just posted a few days ago that they Graduated from Oasis at their 12th billing cycle. The posted says they American express offered them a choice between ''CLEAR'' OR ''BLUE SKY'' and they also received a credit limit increase. But, id consider long and hard before you ''donate'' 2k to american express. Oasis is the only guarantee card account. No other guarantees exsist. GOod luck
  4. Its very possible that Dakota State Bank, bought some older accounts from HSBC. ( fyi this is the true FACTORING ACCOUNT) While your HSBC Mastercard was still active, its possible that Dakota State Bank bought ur account from HSBC and coverted your account to a Rewards 660 account ( this is pure speculation) Similar to when Bank of America Bought out MBNA, ALL The credit accounts from MBNA became BAnk of America Accounts. You should give Them a call and see who they are. Is there a phone number listed on your credit report? Is it listed as an account? or is it listed as a ''COLLECTIONS'' account?
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    Macy's GLI

    *Off the Topic* Question for BubbaGump, Can two macys store cards be combined? Lets say I have a macys account in my name and I have a seperate macys account that is a Joint account. Can I combine the two accounts into one bigger limit? My Macys account in my name only has a limit of $5.5k My Joint account has a limit of $10.2k Id rather have 1 account with $15.7k
  6. its a subprime credit card, similar to First Premier. Its a mastercard/or visa that only reports to TransUnion. Its issued by Dakota State Bank
  7. My favorite TV series is ''LOST'' on fox!
  8. Keep us informed. Make sure you call them and ask after your 12th statement prints. It seems as if you have to request an upgrade , vs it happening automatic
  9. This is interesting! I wonder if there are anyone else in the CB family that has had thier Oasis optima for a year? Have you called to upgrade? Anyone? Id love to hear your story or experiences
  10. A stronger co -buyer/signer would help greatly. what are the stats of the co-buyer?

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