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  1. I've just had my second rate hike in one year! I'm not at 16.99% APR even with perfect payment history, and great credit scores. This is annoying. Just over a year ago I was at a comfortable 7.99% APR, then I was bumped to 12.99%, and now I'm at 16.99%. Is anyone having this problem? Is there something I can do to get my interest rate down to a reasonable level? Is it time to leave (gulp, cancel) the card?
  2. Hi, I just did a post-mortem of my 2009 finances, and overall I did fairly well. Except for the fact that I averaged a spend of $895.97 per month on things other than rent and student loans (no car). $346.67 of that spend was on food! I'm living in the San Jose area right now, and I'm wondering what you think of my expenses for someone in my situation (single, 23 y/o, no kids), and where I can afford to make some cuts? What do you usually spend on food per month? What would be a reasonable target for me to aim toward? For the coming year (and last year), I've seen that I have only $181.84 per month in fixed expenses (not counting rent and loans), and the rest was/is spent on food and other random stuff I'm trying to figure out. Basically, the food line item is the one that is really killing me, and I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong, and what is an average amount to target. Thanks all!
  3. Hi, I just found out that a scheduled withdrawal from my account on the 28th of April failed due to NSF (not sufficient funds). I just got a feeling to login and check the status of my student loan account, and saw this news. If I hadn't checked this morning, then this late would have gone on for the entire month as I have tons of funds in my account to pay any balances! I'm wondering what I should do now? First, I don't know why there was a NSF issue, as there is plenty of money available. Second, I'm terrified that Direct Loans didn't send me any notification that payment failed, so I could have done something to rectify the issue sooner! Third, I'm now screwed out of my incentive (reduced interest rate) for making 12 payments on time!!!!! Did Direct Loans do this on purpose?!?? I'm still confused how they could get a NSF when I had plenty of money in my account.
  4. The only thing I would do is delay consolidation to (maybe) lock in a slightly lower rate on those variable interest direct loans. The interest rate fell alot between July 2007 and July 2008, and they have already fallen (but there isn't a guarantee) another 1.5%. If you can wait it out until June 2009, then you can look at the last auction in May and compare it with what you are paying now, and see which one is lesser. If the Jul 2008 rate ends up being lower, then you consolidate in June 2009 and keep that old rate. If the Jul 2009 will be lower, then you wait until July to consolidate. That's the only reason I'd delay consolidation.
  5. It is realistic. The left over amount remains in the checking account (earns interest). The food amount includes groceries and lunch. I spend about $200/month at Safeway, and then $150.00 on lunch (I don't bring lunch, which is one thing I want to change). I take the bus/train, as the montly passes are reimbursed by my company. I don't have a car (or go out much), because I would then go from having some savings to being in the red at the end of the month.
  6. What do you think of my expenses? Any thoughts on where I can cut out some of the fat? Any thoughts on where I am overspending? These are all my monthly expenses. I didn't count dental visits. Rent: 1325 Student Loans: 1150 Food: 350 Internet: 63 Electric: 15 TrueCredit: 15 Netflix: 10 ---------------------- Total 2928 Salary (after taxes): 4225 I'm in Northern California.
  7. If I get MyFico, then do I need to have TrueCredit as well? Is there information missing from MyFico that I would have to get from TrueCredit? What information does MyFico provide? Is it a flat monthly rate? At the moment I pay a montly fee for TrueCredit, but after hearing that its credit scores are incorrect (not official) I am wondering if I need to switch over.
  8. Update: these duplicate entries still haven't gone away, and when I call TrueCredit to look into the matter, the only thing the reps tell me is to dispute the error with the companies that pulled the report. I kept saying that given the fact that each pull was correct (and only appeared once) until very recently, I don't think that a dispute filed with the inquiring companies would go anywhere, but these (salamander?) reps wouldn't budge. Any idea as to what I do now? Is this a TrueCredit mess up, or is this a TransUnion mess up? Am I going to have to pay for a TransUnion report to find out?
  9. These are my government loans: PER24A $12,250.00 5.000% DL $11625.00 4.21% (new variable rate) DL $8250.00 6.8% (fixed) I am trying to get the math correct. I'll be consolidating with the government directly (if there is a better option, then please let me know).. the government offers 0.25% reduction for automatic debit, and a 0.8% reduction (its immidiate, but gets cancelled if I'm late on a payment within the first 12 months), for a total of 1.05%. The reason I'm asking is because of the 6.8% loan. That 6.8% skews my final interest payment upward, but after the 1.05% reduction, that loan's interest rate is effectively reduced by going in on the consolidation. What should I do, add it to the consolidation plan, or leave it seperate? Also, if I consolidate without adding in that fxed 6.8% loan, then decide later to add it to the consolidation, would I be allowed to do that? What are the rules for reconsolidating? Thanks!
  10. Because the overall rate would go up. So 10-20 years from now I'd be paying a higher interest rate on the remaining balance. If I can spot-remove these higher interest loans, then I end up with the remaning balance just the same, but at a lower lifetime rate. Am I incorrect in my thinking?
  11. I just pulled my report today, and found out that my inquiry count at TransUnion went from 3 - 6 (score dropped 7 points). Is this happening for anyone else? I was wondering who the hell pulled 3 inquiries between yesterday and today, but then when I looked into it, I found that each of the 3 original inquiries appear to be replicated.
  12. Was I stupid here, or what? Is there anything that I can do? I called up Citi and asked them how much of an increase I could get without getting a hard pull on my credit report. The rep said that he didn't know and that he'd have to put in a request, then see what came back. So I said, "OK, as long as there isn't a hard pull on my credit report" He said fine. He also asked for my household income, and for my bank account information. I called back in an hour, like he requested, and was told I got a measly increase of $1000 to bring my line to a total of $5000.00. I was so annoyed that the request was so small, but then that annoyance was made even worse when the rep told me that a hard pull was made on my credit report. I WAS FURIOUS! Didn't I specifically ask that a hard pull not be made? And that I'd like to know the max I can get without making a hard pull? My credit scores: TU 734, EX 742 (737 now, since they did a hard pull), and EQ 724. HHI: 80K. Bank account balance: $31K Age of credit card: 3 years. Now, credit pull aside, how could I have such a mediocre increase, given my "stats"? And as for the credit pull is there anything I can do about it? Can I blast these people for misleading me? Do I have any course of action, or did I just F' myself? My understanding is that this inquiry will impact my score for the next 2 years? Bah, I worked hard to get my score up, bah...
  13. I'm just wondering what folks with high FICO scores look like as far as the credit report goes. I'm not trying to pry, I'm just trying to get a model to emulate as I work to improve my scores. Credit Score? Number of revolving accounts? Utilization %? Number of premium cards (> $10K) Number of installment accounts? Age of credit history? Thanks to those that share.

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