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    Being mommy to TWO sets of twins!! My new career as an insurance agent. FIXING MY CREDIT, ha. Oh yea SEC football (ROLL TIDE), and having a drink..... or ten with friends.
  1. Just hang in there, I have had that happen to me before. I was freaked out by it at first, but all they did was charge some stuff, but unlike you I did not have extra money in there, so you are already doing great ~~ it could have been worse! That is what is good about banks. I went to the bank, filled out the dispute, filed a police report, canceled the cards and they put the money back in my account and did so in a timely manner! After that it was up to the bank to pursue whomever had stolen my account number. I was no longer responsible. I am not sure about having to fill out a new dispute for the new charge, but I would find out for sure to be on the safe side.
  2. Thanks! This will be a great tool for me as I start to rebuild my credit. I only have two credit cards right now, so i will enter those and then and hopefully fill it up some more (with small utilization of course!
  3. My fiance has had a negative account with Northfork Bank on his reports for a while. It was joint installment account for an automobile. Account was opened 05/2001 and was closed 10/2002. Date of last payment was 04/2002. DOLA was 12/2001. Date Maj. Del. 1st reported was 01/2007. They never sent this account to collections or anything, just charged it off for a loss of profit. It is confusing though because some of the reports are reporting that it was reposessed in December of 2006. That is totally FALSE. He was living in Louisiana at the time of the reposession (years ago) and was living in Alabama in 2006. They actually got the car back 10/2002. We go and pull reports again this week and found something disturbing. He has a new adverse account on his Transunion report. It is from Capital One Auto Finance. Cap1 has apparently bought out Northfork Bank or merged or something so they are in control of this account. They are reporting Open date of 05/2001 and closed as 09/2002. Past Due: $0. The status is charged off as bad debt. Estimated date of removal from report is 08/2009. What scared us the most was a "REMARK" listed as ">Account Payment, wage garnish<". This scared us. I used to be a legal secretary so I called a friend still working and asked her to pull up the court system she has access to and she did not see anything. I called probate court and they are not showing anything. I contacted circuit civil court and they are not showing anything pending. I do belive Capital One just added this to his report in August 2007 and we did not receive a letter or any notification of it. 1. Has anyone had the remark ">Account Payment, wage garnish<" on their Transunion report? Or does anyone know what it means. I am hoping it is just used as a scare tactic to try to get you to contact them. If it is a scare tactic, what are my options. 2. If Cap1 does have the rights to this account now and Northfork Bank is no longer a company how would I be able to get rid of the Northfork Bank listing?? 3. If I am leaving out anything else that would be beneficial to us in regards to this based on the above please let me know! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for this. Just a reminder to everyone, do not FORGET to save or print the report number. I just pulled mine, glanced over it quickly and copied and pasted the report number into a word document where I keep track of all of the credit stuff and I accidentally did NOT SAVE that sheet and had already copied and pasted again, which emptied my clipboard. So now I just used up one of my reports and I do not know the number or specifics. I guess I will end up paying for that one.

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