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  1. If you have a real business it won't be an issue.
  2. Stopped keeping track once I went past 5k.
  3. Rorer_714

    M$ speed bumps

    Not a good sign.
  4. Rorer_714

    BofA Travel Rewards Visa. Who has it?

    If you are MSing be careful with Preferred Rewards. It is the kiss of death.
  5. Rorer_714

    M$ speed bumps

    Don't sweat the small details. Hammer the cards like there is no tomorrow.
  6. Don't limit yourself to CBM. No one site is going list all the best ones, especially the lesser known ones.
  7. Rorer_714

    M$ speed bumps

    Who is the issuer of the card? That makes a big difference if it is going to work or not.
  8. Rorer_714

    amex biz platinum AF rising to 595

    I paid over 5k in fees last year. Got way more than that back in credits. Some of us like free money and perks. 🤑
  9. If you want no risk. Transfer your UR to your Hyatt account. Transfer your Hyatt to her Hyatt.
  10. Rorer_714

    Time to triple dip with Amex again.

    Can still do double dip for airline credit and resort credit. Money maker!!!
  11. Rorer_714

    amex biz platinum AF rising to 595

    It pays 1.5x on 5k purchases with massive spend capabilities.
  12. Rorer_714

    M$ speed bumps

    Simon malls you can do 10k/day. Online sites are usually around a week. Limits vary for each site.
  13. I few cards you can triple dip with the travel credit. Here is a nice one. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/hilton-honors-aspire/?eep=28000&dsparms=dc_pcrid_{creative}_kword_hilton aspire card_match_e&gclid=COHF58exo98CFQuBxQIdrAMKaw&gclsrc=ds ...or you can use my referral. ☺️ http://refer.amex.us/DAVIdCQJaB?XLINK=MYCP
  14. Rorer_714

    M$ speed bumps

    Don't overthink this structuring nonsense. There is no structuring going on. If you don't have SAR's filled out on you then you are doing something wrong.
  15. Rorer_714

    Incident in TX over MS Gift Cards

    He is talking about getting maximum churn out of his CL. Many will overpay the CC by 6 figures+.

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