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  1. True but anyone that pays the AF for this benefit needs to understand the game. 😂
  2. I have seen lounges closed to PP members during peak times. This is just another step. Not sure how much we can complain about something we get free.
  3. Amex FR's are still going on as we speak. In your situation there would be no reason for a FR.
  4. Every CU is different and needs to be tested. Most will not treat it as a CA. Use a card that has a lower CA limit than what you are charging so if it is a CA it will be denied. ETA: Repots are that RCU does not code as a CA. Bank Accounts That Can Be Funded With A Credit Card (doctorofcredit.com)
  5. I can't get enough Ink cards quick enough.
  6. Since I started the thread, it is the least I can do. You are outside of our membership qualifications, our ALA Program is only available in select states, NY is not one of them at this time. We actively review our membership qualifications and invite you to check back with us at a later date.
  7. It wasn't for a CC, just savings to get my foot in the door. If they go by available credit, then I will never get approved anywhere.
  8. I probably should have but just moved on to the next one.
  9. We regret to inform you that your application has been declined. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this application.
  10. Now says offer ending soon. Get them while you can. Many reports of approvals even if you are over 5/24. You can have two of the same card also.
  11. Additional card offers I normally get by email. These are NL offers.
  12. Does a CU have to give you a reason for being denied membership? Can it be generic, or does it have to be specific?
  13. UR>Hyatt can be a massive win for certain hotels. Not sure if you use UA but UR>UA can be of value if you find the right award flights. They also have sales on some excursions so always check them. I was able to do this for MBJ.
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