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  1. Yes 10 years for unpaid liens, 7 years for paid liens, not sure about judgments. From the date of the public record filing. A lot of california courts have gone online so you can go to the county where the liens were filed and look up the date of filing there. If they don't fall off automatically I think maybe dispute them as obsolete with the credit reporting agency
  2. I don't believe they have permissible purpose to have pulled your report, since the debt is not legally collectable. You could probably get them to pay you and remove the inquiry with a properly worded letter. RCJ
  3. Correct. AFAIK, it is the presence of a public record and not the NUMBER of PR that causes the FICO hit, because you are now on a different scorecard--whether you have 1 or 5.
  4. If the JDB only paid three cents on the dollar for the original debt, are they allowed to issue a 1099-C for the entire original amount? Do they intend to take a deduction on their corporate taxes for the original amount? In other words, is it legal for a company to generate a 1,200 tax loss via a $36 dollar debt purchase? Doesn't seem right, based on my limited knowledge of tax accounting... RCJ
  5. Your mother is definitely being taken advantage of, and at the least, she may want to discontinue the current arrangement. And although I am not an attorney, this is definitely a violation of minimum wage laws. Depending on which state she resides, the state laws may be more worker-friendly than the applicable federal statutes. She should keep a diary, updated at least weekly, of the actual hours she works, whether or not she intends to seek legal remedies at this time, if she continues working at this sub-minimum wage. However, if your mother were to earn a legal wage, would she then lose her ability to qualify for this income-restricted retirement home? That is a consideration... the owner may think that your mother won't be able to file a complaint since doing so may have the unwanted consequence of her losing her eligibility for residence. Also, if she is transporting others in her own vehicle, she may have liability issues in case of an accident that results in injuries to the occupants... although it doesn't sound like your mother is in a position of having assets that would be worth going after. An attorney specializing in wage & hour cases would almost certainly be willing to speak with her for a free consultation, and possibly take the case on a contingency basis as well, should she wish at some point to seek the back wages she is due. Or, the local legal aid society, if available, or an attorney that would be willing to speak with her "pro bono," (for free) would also be possibilities. The fact that your mother is living at her employer's facility is an additional complication, which may necessitate her moving if she wishes to pursue this. There are issues of employer retaliation which sometimes occur in these situations (although they may also be legally actionable). Good luck with this situation, and I think it's great that you're looking out for your mother's interests. RCJ btw, her pay is not having federal or state tax withheld (though still subject to FICA/Medicare taxes, no matter how little the earnings) because her annual income--at the wage she is currently earning--is so low that it is under the minimum for state/federal taxation.
  6. So you're fine then, you have everything you need. That's great. Settle, you've gone from helpful, to "don't you dare tell me I don't know what I'm talking about", and landed squarely on "passive-aggressive CSR with a major 'tude." Definitely, no reason to call... can't wait for your response to the screen shots, though. Grabbing popcorn...
  7. New policy changes coming in a few weeks equates to: they screwed up big time, got a ton of pushback, and are now scrambling to figure out what to do next. (Ideally, it will be more customer-friendly than the current, new policy--at least one can hope.) Suggest upper management changes at Macys. As drhodesumr has posted, Macy's seriously underperforms its industry peers. At some point, that will not be OK with the shareholders, nor the board of directors. Of course, it's possible that even better management will not be able to bring Macy's up to industry performance averages, let alone exceed them... RCJ
  8. You seem quite hostile; that is not particularly constructive when interacting with others... however I won't insult your opinion, because you have a right to voice it. But I will disagree with you. 1) No one will be counting out the pennies, so that need not cause any distress. 2) Just because employees may be happy with their jobs doesn't mean their employer isn't an amoral/immoral p.o.s. 3) Retail work is not suitable for everyone; those with anger issues would probably do better in a position where they won't come into contact with the general public. Because the general public includes a fair number of smug, self-entitled d-bags, unfortunately. Those who are happy (and do well) in retail tend to have a smile on their face, and don't take things personally, knowing that the customer is actually upset with their employer. RCJ BTW: Just because someone works retail does not make them a slave... an employee who perceives they are being treated as a slave may, at some point in their career, decide that they'd like to make a change. Of course, they may feel like a slave no matter what their job or career may be. You know, that's a big steaming pile of B.S. right there. Maybe they're happy where they are working, maybe they hope to get promoted as anyone does in that job. *shrug* I'm friends with a couple people who work for banking institutions, one a teller and the other a loan officer, and for the most part they are happy with their pay and their working conditions. One works for a local chase bank branch, the other, works for my local credit union. Beyond that, no matter which bank you are talking about there will ALWAYS be someone wronged by that bank -- either intentionally or not. The internet is full of stories of folks getting *** over by banks -- and yes -- even credit unions. I've worked retail my entire adult life and I've had my share of smug self entitled customers who think they have a right to treat me like dirt just because I work retail. That employee who has to count those pennies DID NOTHING to that man. Absolutely NOTHING. Yet he/she is being punished by that man because of the decision of some loan officer probably at another branch. We've all worked retail at some time or another in our lives. Most of us have also worked some form of customer service. And while it is part of our job to deal with the annoying self-entitled wireless routers -- their behavior is never justified. They treat us like chocolate because they can. It's really that simple. BTW: I don't feel sorry at all for chase. Who I feel sorry for is the poor retail slave that has to move and count all those pennies. That's who I feel sorry for.
  9. Hmm, well maybe the employee who had to process the pennies will stop ignoring the fact that they work for a p.o.s. bank and finally have the motivation get a new, better job. Personally, I'm hopeful the news broadcast will cause others to terminate their Chase relationship as well. And of course those who feel sorry for poor Chase can go deposit some money there to show their support. Everybody wins.
  10. Well, I got run-off from a WAMU-->Chase checking account, lots of new fees now so I was happy to close it out. Now, it has disappeared from my online access... I'm wondering if anyone knows whether it would have remained had I been enrolled in the paperless statements (which I hate--guess I'm too old school). If I had no paper statements, and no online statements, I would be very unhappy right now, instead of being thrilled to be rid of Chase.
  11. Hey T-gun... I had a similar issue, my ssn started with 5 identical numerals and then the last four, while not 1234, were a similarly identifiable, obvious pattern. No end of trouble for me--identity theft, fraud, earnings listed on my SS account that were not from my wages, etc. The best solution, in my experience, is to get a new number issued from the SSA. They don't like to do it, but they will if you can make a good enough case. Go to your local SS office, speak with a front line clerk, then you'll need to escalate to a manager when they tell you it can't be done. If you reach an impasse with SS, your best bet will be to contact your US congressional representative, either house or senate--they have staff that can help you get this done. This is not likely to be cleared up quickly, but needs to be done to put this behind you, as it is likely to happen again--even if you do manage to clear it up this time. Also, since your Dad's name is coming up when your SSN is run... do you and your Dad have the same first name? If so, your file may be merged with his. If not, is it possible (no accusations here) that your Dad has used your SSN in the past? Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!!
  12. I liked this part the best: The jury also apparently wanted to make sure that its verdict sent a clear message. On the verdict form, below the monetary awards, the jury wrote: "The Trans Union business process needs to be completely revamped with much more focus on customer service and the consumer." RCJ
  13. If you did the same thing wrong that you did with AMEX, you failed to utilize the credit line. They decided since you don't use it, you don't need it... they simply decided not to waste the CL--which I believe has to be carried as a contingent liability on their balance sheet--on your (low-profit) account. RCJ
  14. I've been told, and it is consistent with my experience, that you need 4 payments (on different statements, 4 payments in one month doesn't count) at the current credit limit before being eligible for a CLI. So yeah, I can't see how 2 payments and then 2 months at zero balance would meet the 4 months payment history requirement, since as you say they don't count months where you don't make a payment. If you PIF, you would have to make at least one charge during each of 4 statement periods to be able to make 4 payments... I usually just make a small charge and spread the payments over 4 months; I don't mind paying a few bucks in interest. RCJ
  15. I think that message doesn't necessarily equal a denial, sometimes it just means they can't verify identity... so going in-store solves that problem. RCJ For Jared's and for Kay's. Should I have hubby go in and apply? looks like a few people have done that with success. I'm bummed. TU is over 600 for sure and is pretty clean. EQ has a few issues and is high 500s as of Monday.

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