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  1. You might not care about your credit right now, but lates post-BK are the kiss of death. It will be worse than before you filed for a very long time. I strongly urge you to pay them all on time come hell or high water. Snowballing really is your best option. If you do not have enough to start a snowball plan by cutting back on expenses, frankly, you need to increase your income. Break the cycle. You have a fresh start - take advantage of it.
  2. I want to thank everyone for the input. We absolutely LOVED our visit! Leakey and the surrounding area was BEAUTIFUL! I first realized I had some kind of prejudice as to what Texas would look like when I found that I was very surprised at how green the area was. I don't know exactly what I expected, but I guess desert and tumbleweeds? There isn't as much greenery as we have here in the East, but it was quite green there. In fact, the view of the hills out there was very similar in appearance to those on the Leeward Coast of Oahu, if you only look at the hills. The Frio is gorgeous. The river rocks in that area are all white or light gray. It gives the river a very different appearance and sparkle. Very crisp and clean looking. You can see the bottom until it gets quite deep. The weather during our entire stay was quite hospitable. The days were warm (~80's) and the nights chilly, but mild. I solidified my "not from around here" label by noting how remarkable I found it that it did not rain on us the entire weekend. "This is Texas" replied my hosts. Driving through some of the little towns has completely changed my idea of what "rustic" means. Even the country stores deep in mountain villages and very rural places in this area are built in a more "milled" fashion. In Texas, I noticed that fences and porch rails were unapologetically sticks, branches and tree trunks. They don't mill them, they just remove the bark, cut them to size and nail it up. Even many old Western movies I've seen don't depict this. It was very charming. We got to San Antonio a little later than we had planned. So, by the time we checked in at 3pm the Alamo was closing at 5:30 and we decided to catch that Monday morning. We missed the IMAX movie, though. We really liked the Menger, I would definitely recommend it. On the suggestion of the desk clerk, we opted for a poolside room in the newer section because it had a balcony that faces the old section of the hotel and overlooks the pool. The location is excellent being that the back door is steps away from Riverside Mall, the side door is literally across the street from the Alamo, and the front door is just across the street from the shops on the Plaza. Whoever suggested hopping on the Trolly to get to the market was right on. We decided to walk to Mi Tierra after we left Ripley's. The walk itself isn't terrible, but once you turn that corner onto Commerce St, you definitely become aware that you are in a large city. I will note that every block had at least one beat cop walking it who kept a mindful eye on the comings and goings of the people on the sidewalks, though, so we never really felt unsafe. We took the Trolly back to the hotel after dinner both because we were tired of walking and because it had gotten dark. The suggestion to take the cruise along the River Walk was also very much appreciated. We caught the cruise at the mall. It had been a long day and we would not have been able to walk much of it without my son complaining and/or likely getting lost. The tempo of the boat tour is just right. You pass by the significant landmarks and hear about them while being able to view them from the river, which is a perspective you just wouldn't have walking it. After the Alamo we had to check out at noon. We still had a little time there, so we had lunch at the Buckhorn before we headed to the airport. We saw a lot in 24 hours, but we missed a lot, too. I'd definitely go back, but maybe plan on at least a couple of days. I really appreciate all of the input. We wouldn't have been able to do as much as we did if it weren't for your input. It really made a difference for us.
  3. The bottom line is "cause we can". I guess that wouldn't satisfy the legal requirements? Have you ordered your eq biz report?
  4. Since we're guessing - I'm going to guess that it will either go up or down Seriously, there's a Money Management forum here and you might be able to get some good opinions there
  5. saladdin: I hope that you have gotten your answer buried here. If your friend trusts you enough to confide this to you, hopefully when you explain that it is fraud and there is potential for him to wind up in a lot of trouble over it he will listen. At the very least he needs to speak with an attorney and NOT hide this from them to get more specific answers. Everyone else: There's a reason they refer to attorney's assertions as "arguments". Thousands of lawyers argue two different sides of one "story" every workday in this country. Generally, one of them wins the argument, but that doesn't necessarily mean either is absolutely correct, it is more likely that they are both a little wrong or right. I realize CB isn't a court of law, but it would be nice if the same professional etiquette were to be displayed here as would be expected there. I, for one, would really appreciate that.
  6. I still keep the originals, but if they are damaged, a scan can show any faded or unreadable portion of the receipts. The short answer to your question, though, is yes. Here is the link: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-irbs/irb97-13.pdf
  7. If receipts are not legible, how would this work in an audit? Just wondering. Maybe better to scan them to a file on your PC and back up to a CD monthly? This is what I do. If it isn't convenient to scan them, those receipts will not fade as much if you keep them at a constant temp unexposed to light (say, in a box under your bed or in the back of a drawer). They are printed on thermal paper, so any huge flux in temp either way will destroy them. The other option is to take a picture of it with a digital camera and save them on a memory card.
  8. I didn't book it. It's a conference for an organization I volunteer with - and it IS on the Frio river! A boil on the butt?
  9. walking is the best way to see San Antonio. Especially if you are doing the Riverwalk thing. THere is also a trolley that will take you to the El Mercado. It's not far and there are some good places to eat there. I like Mi Tierra. If you want to go to Sea World or something like that, then you will need your car. Otherwise, for just bumming around the Riverwalk and Alamo and stuff, I'd walk. Is El Mercado another city or is that a street name?
  10. My son will LOVE Ripley's. I'm not sure he won't get creeped out by the wax museum (they ARE pretty creepy), but he'll go. We should arrive in SAT mid-day, before check in time, I'm sure. So, I planned to try to park at the hotel anyway and then do the IMAX and the Alamo before checking in. That should put me at dinnertime and I thought we'd head to the river then. I am hoping they don't roll up the sidewalks too early? We have a 3pm flight out on Monday, so really only a few hours Monday morning to cram everything else into. If they see Ripley's, we will HAVE to go there. How far is the Tower?
  11. walking is the best way to see San Antonio. Especially if you are doing the Riverwalk thing. THere is also a trolley that will take you to the El Mercado. It's not far and there are some good places to eat there. I like Mi Tierra. If you want to go to Sea World or something like that, then you will need your car. Otherwise, for just bumming around the Riverwalk and Alamo and stuff, I'd walk. Thanks for the info. I don't think I could drag them to Sea World - they're bigger than me now I don't know a lot about the place at all - I previously only knew about the Alamo and then was told that the Riverwalk is a "must do", so now I have to work out a plan to keep both kids content. My son requires an authentic Mexican meal, and daughter is getting the haunted hotel (but that has to be kept secret from my son, at least until we're already checked in ). I just want to spend the day actually seeing the place and not getting a headache from them moaning & groaning.
  12. Sorry, angel, looks like I am going the opposite direction. I am flying into SAT, then driving to Leakey, then back to SAT. I just am adding an overnight stay in SAT and not flying out until Mon afternoon to spend a day there. I was planning on just parking the rental at the hotel and walking it until we need to go to the airport. I don't know the area, so it would suck to be stuck in traffic for our whole time there. DD wants to stay at the Menger. It appears to be right at the Alamo @ 204 Alamo Plaza. Is that a good area?
  13. Is it a high crime area? I suppose I should have checked that out, I just assumed that it was a touristy area like most others where staying in the tourist district is pretty safe
  14. What you're not gonna go all out and detour to Corpus to see me????????????? Why, I NEVER!!!!! How far is that? I am flying into SAT and I have to drive about 2 hours north to my destination, then drive back to fly out of SAT. I am just extending to get a day in SAT since I've never been to TX before other than flying through IAH.

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