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  1. Santander bought out the company or my loaner from my previous loaner, I pay through bill pay through my bank and have had zero problems with payments posting.
  2. lol, you don't think I was nice from the beginning? I wasn't rude until they were. And wow, I usually come here expecting a lot of useful information and niceness but that wasn't the case this time. I guess i'll just keep to myself next time. thanks to some of you who actually posted useful information.
  3. I have three cards with them, all three basically maxed out but within reason. I have never ever missed a payment for over a year + Well my monthly payments came up due on the 13th, I got paid on the 14th, and just couldn't pay on the 13th. I called them up to see if they can just delay my payment for ONE day, less than 24 hours until I got paid... boy did they reject that idea. They said there was nothing they could do for me they treated me like I never pay on time or if I wasn't a good payer. I went off at the first level support and she transfered me to someone else, I explained the situation and he basically said I was SOL too and that I would get hit with a 40 dollar late fee on all accounts and a interest rate jack. I went off at him, and then he agreed to waive the late fee (which he did) but said If I'm just late ...NOT EVEN MISS a payment but just late that my accounts will default!!! I don't know what default means but it doesn't sound good, but it's crazy, Its not like i have no intentions of making my payments, just this month ran short by one day. But over all, they don't seem to want to work with their customers to get their money Edit: Oh and I also asked target for a 1 day extension and they just flat out said no
  4. So all we have to do is if I read it correctly, print our name and account number and the words basically "I reject" along with the letter and if we don't use the cards, we can take our time on paying it down correct? Of course before may 1st which is the dead line This just sucks, the amount the apr amount will raise is the amount I was paying min every month... i'm f'ed with my one high balance here..
  5. yeah they rate jacked me on all 3 of my cards, one has a high balance that i'm slowly paying off and can't afford to pif right now. I also have no plans to use the card once paid, so i wonder if i can opt out, and leave the card open to pay it off and just still not use it
  6. just got 3 letters in the mail from BOA today, they f'ing rate jacked me to like 21% on all my cards
  7. I was also like 1-2 days late on my target payment, I just ponied up and payed it though :/
  8. I'm sure this will happen to me shortly
  9. I got a letter that is saying my APR has gone wayyyyy up default is like 29% Time to pay this bad boy off
  10. I only have a about 150 buck balance on my card but if they offered me the 300, I would pay off the 150 instantly and take the 300 and close my account, heh
  11. This was for my delta skymiles card, I just called and they switched me from a platinum card to a gold or choice card with no AF and they took off the 150 charge. Thank god
  12. I have no clue, I've been trying to just pay off this card and I login to see this huge charge, first fee must have been waived on their own because I wouldn't have signed up to pay them 150 bucks....
  13. I just logged into my AMEX and see a charge for this! Is there any way for them to drop this charge? I can't afford this charge! 12/14/08 Membership Renewal Fee 150.00
  14. manofice

    BOA MC!

    I remember, last time I got my BOA increases was right around xmas...they seem to be pretty generous around the holidays
  15. manofice

    BOA MC!

    Went to make a payment today and noticed I had a lot more credit available... they must have randomly upped me from $500 bucks to $1000 bucks...

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