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  1. CV - I thought the same thing this morning right after the PR. But now after spending alot of time on FlyerTalk and reading the analyst responses, this is more than just a move to get more concessions by the DOJ. Their statements seem to point to dissolving this merger once and for all.
  2. This is exactly what I'm gambling on. I'd like to think the industry has learned how to smooth the transition of a merger for its loyal customers so I figured long term, Citi was a good move. Now not so sure
  3. Thing is I was hoping to apply for the other two Citi AA cards offering mileage promos in the next 65 days which would give me a total of $110k AA miles. That whole plan might be useless now if the merger doesn't go through.
  4. After a long time of not applying for anything this year alone: $30K Penfed Auto Loan Once approved I app spreed and was approved for EVERYTHING below!! Penfed Sig Rewards Visa - $19K Chase Sapphire $7K USAir Barclays - $4K Citi AA Advantage - $10K Nordstroms - $2K Just goes to show that patience and determination pays off!! I haven't attempted to apply for CLI on my subprime cards but I'll be closing two of my low limit cards with AF's soon. Thank you CB!!
  5. US seeks to block US Air-American merger http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/13/us/airline-merger-antitrust-lawsuit/index.html And I was just approved for a Citi AA Advantage card this weekend!! As a USAir FF I was ecstatic when Citi gave me $10K and Barclays USAir would only give me $4. I was going to pull the trigger this early but I was still within my recent app spree safe zone and figured the 50K mileage promo wouldn't be around later this year when everyone was applying. Wonder what would happen if I closed the account right after opening - any thoughts?
  6. Just pulled the trigger on my Platinum MC but got the 10 day letter response. I have my doubts, I just charged a $2K airline ticket, transferred the existing $1800 balance to my newly opened Penfed Sig Visa and will probably BT this $2k onto my new Barclay's and Chase Sapphire cards once I get them in the mail. I went on a bit of an app spree yesterday. Thinking I should have waited a bit to ask for Luv.
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