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  1. I have received a letter and is very confusing to me because have the name of about 4 companies in the letter and I dont know what company is the one that I am going to send dv letter (I dont know if am going to send a dv because is SOL mre than 7 years) Here is the letter We are contacting you on behalf of Resurgent Capital Services (Resurgent). Resurgent services your former Capital One account that was purchase by LVNV FUNDING LLC. AS such, Resurgent is responsible for collecting your delinquent account. Your account with LVNV FUNDING LLC has been referre to us for collections. By this time you must realize that you are delinquent. Please call 866-469-5724. (at the bottom of the page the name of another company GC Services Limited Parnership- Collection Agency Division. 6330 Gulfton Houston TX 77081.) at the top of the letter it has 3 different addresses that I have never received a letter more confusing like this one. I was wondering should I send a DV letter on a out of SOL debt ? help
  2. When I try to add to cart the begginer plan of $19.99 hosting plan per month it said Invalid Merchant or Account Inacaive. But the page to apply for business credit was working well. that is weird, I think I am not going to put my tax id and business information there if the page is not even working
  3. I bought a sears gitf card with the sears commercial card back in 2008.
  4. Is this the correct number to contact the biggest scumbags of the earth? I just disputed with experian online and next day the result of 9 disputed account with the result via email I just received... THIS IS IMPOSIBLE. This people break the law all the time and violate FCRA all the time. Does anyone have another phone number to contact them?
  5. when do they start reporting, after you receive the card or untill they tells you that you have been approved?
  6. lets send massive disputes today, specially to EX, the worst scum of the earth, CMRRRRR all the way
  7. I will be sending my massive disputes and ftc and bbb complaints today.
  8. Today is the best day for massive disputes via US Mail CMRRR because of the holidays, in my opinion.
  9. I think today would be a good day to send via US Mail massive dispute, everybody start disputing chexs, maybe wont be able to verify because of the holiday. what do you think I removed 2 banks from my report a month ago now my report is clean, I sent the dispute before the thanksgiving holiday
  10. How would you dispute this? This would be a good practice exercise for the experts of credit repairs. public records 1)US BKPT CT FL ORLANDO US BANKRUPCY COURT STATUS: Chapter 7 bankruptcy dismissed status detail: this item will continue on recort untill 2015 Date filed aug 2005 / Date resolverd May 2006 2)LAKE CO CIR CO TAVARES FL 32778 PLAINTIFF: DISCOVER BANK status: civil judgment This item will continue on record untill oct 2012 date filed oct 2005 Claim Amount $4,900 3)LAKE CO CIR CO TAVARES FL 32778 PLAINTIFF: Palisades collection LLC Status :civil claim / will continue on file jun 2016 Date filed june 2009 Amount $2,900 credit items 4)CHASE BANK USA DISCHARGE throu BK chpter 7,11, or 12 on sep 2005 Included in BK (not true) 5)CHASE DATE OPENED: SEP 2003 CHARGE OFF SEPT 2005 AUG 2005 JUL 2005 30,60,90,120,150,180 LATES AMOUNT $5,000 6)CHASE MORTGAGE 150 DAYS PAST DUE ($4,500) [Waiting for lost mitigation program] 7)citi financial, Charge Off $4,500 as of may 2006 to oct 2010 Will continue on file untill dec 2011 8)DISCOVER STATUS :Petition for chapter 7 bk 9)Enhanced Recovery Original creditor: Sprint Collection May 2009 $300 Wil continue on record till may 2014 10)Enhanced recovery co llc Original creditor sprint $1300 collection past due sept 2009 will continue on record may 2014 TERMS: 1 MONTH 11)FIRST REVENUE ASSURANCE Original creditor Sprint collection as of jun 2007 ($1300) posible duplicate 12)GE money bank/ HONDA status: Petition for chapter 7/never late / balance $0 STATUS DETAIL: will continue on file until sept 2012 13)GEMB STATUS: PETITION FOR CHAPTER 7 will continue on file untill oct 2012 13)HSCB AUTO BALANCE $0/ Status : petition for chapter 7 / will continue on record feb 2013 account history: filed chapter 7 BK on feb 2006 14)HSBC BANK PAID CLOSED ( IT DOES NOT SHOW WHEN WILL DISAPEAR FROM REPORT) 30,60,90 and 120 lates 15) Best buy Transfered/CLosed 180 days past due jul 2005 16)HSBC/yamaha creditor statement: Accont legally paid in full for less than full balance/ will continue on recod 2015 180 days past due apr 2007 17)Key Recvry type: Installment / terms: 120 months/ bal $0 / voluntary surrender january 2007 18)Palisades Collection / OC First USA $4000 as Nov 2010 , collection as of dec 2007/will continue on record untill sept 2011 19 ) Palisades Collection / OC best buy (posible duplicate with number 15 account) $3,700type: Installment / terms: 1 month / collection as dec 2007 will continue on record untill sep 2011
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