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  1. I have screenshots of an account from all 3 reports from the same day in 2013. They all have different information and I'm wondering when it will fall off. It has fallen off my TransUnion but insists on staying on the other 2. Screenshots are here: https://imgur.com/a/44ASP
  2. ICAN, That raises this question... What do you do if the original creditor has no record of an account that you have paid off and you don't have proof then a CA had previously bought and sat on it then attempts to collect on it? I'm afraid that one of my Merrick's is going to end up like that.
  3. Them having an invalid address on your report is a FDCPA violation. Not sure what texas statute it may violate.
  4. MB34

    Portoflio FOAD

    Yep, that's the one I saw it on.
  5. MB34

    Portoflio FOAD

    Everyone triumphs WhyChat's letters and I mimicked one of the FOAD letters on his site. Why would this not be advisable?
  6. MB34

    Portoflio FOAD

    They can verify till the cows come home, but if the data is invalid or incorrect, you can sue them for it if you tell them about it using the TFC.
  7. MB34

    Portoflio FOAD

    Yes. If they validate the current listing, if it contains invalid data, which it does, they they violate this clause: "misrepresenting the character, extent, or amount of a consumer debt" And I can sue them based on that.
  8. They didn't notify me of that program, should I send an ITS?
  9. I did read a few threads about them but sometimes you have to say WTF. Due to time constraints, I figured that since they were the most experienced at it, why not. Bad decision, no doubt. No, she's a complete blonde, if you know what I mean and she wouldn't know the first thing about doing any of this. She doesn't even sign the letters, I have scan of her signature that I use... We hope to purchase a new home within the next year and her's is the worst so I'm trying to, at least, get her above 600. She's got an LVNV, a Portfolio, a Midland, and a few medicals. I will say that Lexington did get rid of a couple of outdated medicals but that was it.
  10. Oh, and another thing, as I pointed out in my original post, after I canceled, I began to get all that porn spam. Coincidence? I say not.
  11. A good thread here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=540286 The name says Lexington LAW, implying that they are a LAW firm, correct? If I hire an attorney to contact a collection agency, I want them to put any correspondence on their letterhead so that the CA understands that they are dealing with professionals. I was under the assumption that they would be doing just that and I was dumbfounded by their techniques. Apparently they are not a law firm and it is disheartening that they advertise with that implication. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=536236&do=findComment&comment=5170676
  12. Boy, I like that one...;-)
  13. We recently contracted with Lexington Law to help out on my wife's baddies. We cancelled after 2 months because of the way they handled things. The letters that they sent out, I got one sent back to me by one of my creditors, was so sophomoric and unprofessional that a 10th grader could have written it. I expected them to be a lot more professional and send letters that actually said that they were the ones helping out, kind of like when you get an attorney to help you. They also sent goodwill letters even though I told them I didn't want to tackle goodwills until some of the baddies were gone.They also modified the payment terms after signing up. I signed up for $79/mo based on the info on their website, and they charged $99/mo and wouldn't refund the difference or refund the amount after I cancelled. Anyway, I NEVER use the email I used with them for anything online like purchases or signing up for newsletters or anything of the sort. Is it just a coincidence that shortly after i cancelled them I began to get TONS of spam from sex sites and other porn mailing lists/ Maybe, maybe not... Beware and do not get involved with them as they seem to be totally unprofessional and NOT what you want to help out on your journey.

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