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  1. Thanks for the Info! Do they give you the option of paying back early without penalty? I'm working off of a 0% purchase rate until 2020... but it would be good to have other options after that.
  2. $20k for Wells Fargo is great for just opening with them! Depending on your scores, you should be able to get a Chase Biz card. I'm sure you will need a checking account if you want to also apply for a LOC with them.
  3. Who do you currently bank with? Wells Fargo can be strict if you don't have a relationship. Chase isn't as strict, but it helps to have the banking relationship with them as well.
  4. I would try for an AMEX or Chase business card for 0% BT offers. BofA has a couple of Biz cards, but they are 0% on purchases only.
  5. You mentioned you are an LLC? So you will need to give them you EIN, SS#, Personal Income, Business Income. They will probably not need financials if you are only applying for a credit card. Feel free to browse the applications, they will explain everything you need to know.
  6. Credit card companies will not convert personal cards to business cards, but you can apply for some new cards. American Express and Chase have the biggest selection of Business cards. They will all do a Hard pull on your Personal reports, but will only report to Business reports.
  7. That's great... did QB pull a Hard on your personal reports? What kind of rate did they give you?
  8. Cool... Did they make you an offer?
  9. For those rebuilding credit, it depends on who they included on the BK. They could be Blacklisted from certain creditors. BofA is more forgiving than most.
  10. Yes, I have seen this table. If it is from this article, it says it only reports if delinquent. https://wallethub.com/edu/business-credit-card-study/25816/ When I called Customer Service just told me that they only report to Business reports. Does anyone have any personal experience?
  11. Hi- Does anyone have the Disover IT Business Card? Does it report to your personal credit reports? I called and they said it only reports to Business?
  12. You don't have to wait. Assuming your scores are decent, they will approve you. An existing relationship helps, such as a checking account.
  13. I mostly use them for their yearly BT offers. Having NO FEE for a Balance Transfer is a nice perk too!
  14. NFCU is great!!! Even if they start you out low, they give very generous CLI...
  15. I agree, it doesn't sound like you can afford a car. Is the 40K collection from the IRS?
  16. Hi DeAlmaro- Kabbage has a High Interest rate compared to a credit card or LOC. In addition, it must be payed back within 6 months with the majority of interested being paid in the first 2 months. Yes, the Credit Line is all computer based. The more accounts you link, the higher your limit goes. The majority of the limit will come from your income based off of your online sales. (Amazon, eBay, etc)
  17. It's not quarterly its every other month. Last one was at the end of December. According to my EQ the SP was done on 12/30. Historically it's been the end of every EVEN month (Feb., April, June etc.) So would it be a good idea to subscribe to the Equifax service to get that info?
  18. Hi All- I think I read somewhere it is better to ask for a Navy CLI after their Quarterly Review? What Months is this done?
  19. Thank you... I thought I was missing something. I think it's a great deal for things I'm already paying for.
  20. That's what I thought... I just checked... $100 travel = 10,000 miles Amazon gift card $100 = 10,000 miles Target Gift card $100 = 10,000 miles Am I missing something???
  21. Hi- I see everyone is using their Venture miles towards travel... What is wrong with using it for gift cards. It appears to be 1 to 1??? Did that change? I always thought gift cards were 2 to 1?
  22. I got a 6.99% offer from Barclay with a 4% fee Is there anyone I can call to lower the fee? I have had the same offer online for the last 3 months...
  23. Leave $500-$1000 on the Apple. Use it occasionally for gas or a meal. See if you get any auto CLI's, and call Barclays every six months asking for APR reductions/soft pull CLI offers. Okay, if I leave $1,000 with a $0 balance, will it hurt my chances for a CLI on other cards? It would be my lowest CL...
  24. Hi- I have 2 cards with Barclay... Apple & AA Aviator. I just moved some of my CL over bringing the AA card to $8k. I was considering bringing over the other $1k from the Apple card and closing it. Will it hurt my score much??? My Apple card is about 2yrs old... and the AA card is about 4yrs. Both have a $0 balance.

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