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  1. We did not initiate a freeze. I read the details on the EX website and it looks like you need to pay for that or submit proper reports to waive it if your a victim of identity theft. I will have my wife call myfico tomorrow, but I am feeling like they are not going to give us any info. Maybe we should call the CRA's directly. -fidjit
  2. I have all 3 reports hard printed reports that I requested by mail and they each show 6 or more accounts (all 4 or more years old). TU shows the least amount of accounts and i was able to process that FICO request. Im thinking technical glitch as I read the link you posted before i asked the question here. Very strange. We are just getting started on our credit rebuilding and are having a rough start with some of this info. I was hoping to have base starting fico scores that we can compare over time to see progress. -fidjit
  3. Did you ever figure this out? We had BK7 discharge in 1/13 and I was able to pull all 3, but my wife they only gave TU and we got the same error on EQ and EX scores. Thanks, -fidjit
  4. Thanks for the info. Should it be hand written or is typed ok?
  5. Most have climbed in the last year. The lower limit cards are 9.9% and the higher balance cards are between 15.9 and 19.9. They have climbed over the last year. AMEX dropped our credit limit from 5500 to 4200, which had 4000 on it at the time. I will have to look into the student loans. I have did my max of forbearance, but not sure of the other options. Internet and food is next to take a hit and those are both important. (internet is $33 a month) I will continue to look for other employment if the insurance was sure to follow. Thanks
  6. I had to leave my job and relocate to California this year to take care of an ill family member. I didn't work for almost 3 months and my wife took a low wage job just to pay bills. We ended up doubling our credit card debt, but still payed all bills on or close to on time. We have now cut back on all unnecessary spending and have a budget. After heath care and taxes, we are taking home about 3200 a month and our bills, minimum credit card payments, student loan, groceries, rent, daycare etc. are between 3200-3500 a month. We are slowly but surely going negative. We do not own a house, have 1 car that is worth 1500 and I still owe on my car. Our credit card limits are being lowered due to higher balances and an assumed risk from the cc companies. Now we are nearly maxed out and I have collections that are after me. Here is a layout of my debts. 16,000 in cc debt 4500 left on car (crappy interest and basic car) 2200 left on personal loan (crappy interest) 900 unpaid 2007 taxes (who knows what interest is now) 7000 in unpaid collections 14,000 in student loans I was looking for a job with better pay, but my health insurance just started December 1st and we found out my wife is pregnant. She is feeling sick, but still making it to work so far, but that could change our monthly income. We are very excited about the new addition to our family, but getting very worried about our financial situation. I know there isn't an easy answer, but how should we tackle our dilemma?
  7. Thats what i wanted to hear. Thanks so much for the quick response.
  8. My wife just got a AMEX Clear with $4600 limit and 13.24apr. (not the best, but will be PIF a lot and has a long grace period and ok rewards). Her scores are much better than mine and i don't want my credit to effect hers. If she adds me as an addition card user, first off will they base giving me the card of my credit? Second will my credit affect her credit report negatively due to my scores if I have an additional card? And last will my credit scores bring down limits or change aprs? We want to use the card more to get the rewards, but don't want to bring her scores down. Thanks
  9. Are they paid baddies? I have 1 capital one and 2 providians. Cap 1 and 1 providian is paid, leaving another to deal with
  10. I would like to know as well.
  11. 3% of each balance transfer; $5 minimum. A $50 maximum fee applies to the 0.00% APR balance transfer offer described, is what i found on the citi website. How do you work the no BT fee?
  12. Would adding me as an authorized user help my report or hurt hers/hurt chances to get card? (look to sig for FAKO scores)
  13. Anyone use the Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard? Seems like decent terms and the credit pulls section shows that she should be able to get this one. Should I really look at business credit card even if we are trying to raise her available credit to bring the util down?

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