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  1. Here we go again .... The stock market, big banks, and government appear to be looking to slow down the economy which will push us in to 'bad times' again...
  2. GFT

    Cabela's VISA

  3. Received email indicating they are not able to complete a PC/upgrade via email and to call the number of the bank of my card. I called and was advised I would have to apply for the Amex Gold card, hence an HP. I am gardening now, as a significant number of inquiries are going to fall off during 2017 and don't wish to take any additional ones in 2017. I will keep my VISA Signature FlexPerks.
  4. GFT

    Infiniti VISA

    Anyone applied for the new Infiniti VISA/VISA Signature from Synchrony bank ? If so, results, limit, scores, etc..... I own an Infiniti and would like to get the card, but don't want to take an HP without some knowledge first.
  5. I have submitted an email request regarding the PC and if re-application and hard inquiry required.... waiting for response.
  6. If you would be able to find the thread that would be awesome. Also, did you have to re-apply and take an HP ? Anyone else do a PC with US Bank ?
  7. I have a US Bank Flex Perks VISA Signature (open for several years) and I see now US Bank offers a Gold Flex Perks AMEX. I am interested in PC. Has anyone tried and been successful with a PC with US Bank ? If so, HP required ?
  8. GFT

    Cabela's Club VISA

    Received the card yesterday, $1k limit.
  9. In late April, I applied online for the Cabela's Club VISA. I received the 7-10 day message. After 2 days I called and they indicated due to my credit report from Equifax being to large (long) to be pulled into their credit applications system, they would to reach out to Equifax directly and request it be sent to them. They indicated this could take 3-5 days. I just decided to let the letter or card arrive and then I would know the decision. On Saturday, I received a letter in Cabela's stationary/envelope, and assumed it was a decline letter. I opened it anyway, and it read.... "Thank you for joining our Cabela's CLUB VISA program. Soon you will be receiving your new card and welcome packet in the mail....." My assumption/perception is that my application was approved. Has anyone else had similar responses? Approved?
  10. US Bank Flex Perks reward card Check from Nationwide from closing my account (my request) Various junk mailers
  11. Wonder if they are lowering their credit approval requirements/criteria to gain additional card holders .... Anyone applied lately ? Approval ? Score, bureau, etc ? http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/20/investing/wells-fargo-fake-accounts-credit-cards/index.html?iid=hp-stack-dom
  12. Yes, my account statement indicates 30 day late, and yes it is under 60 days. I visited the branch last week. They are continuing to 'investigate' and asked for 7-10 days. The clock started on 11/10, so this week is the end of the requested time. I got alert from Experian and TU. Raised dispute with TU and plan to raise dispute with Experian this week. Is there legal action I can take ?
  13. I have held a BB&T Platinum VISA for approximately 10 years with no issues. Today I learned they reported a 30 day late to at least Experian (received Alert from Experian Credit Monitor). My last payment was close, but not over 30 days late. I have a confirmation number from them as well as where the funds were taken from my account. I called them a few days ago, prior to any reporting and the next statement being generated, and was assured this would be corrected. I have the CSR's employee ID and full name. I am going to the branch today and speak with a branch manager requesting an immediate credit bureau update on all three bureaus. Is there any legal action I can take should they not update and fix the errors ? My concern is all of the banks 'pinging' your bureau and now seeing a 30 day late. My CRs have been squeaky clean (no lates, no baddies etc) for many years and now this. Please offer guidance/suggestions.

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