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  1. Has anyone been denied for the AMEX Rewards Checking account ? If so, reason? Also, has anyone been able to confirm if a HP on a CRB is required ?
  2. For our Creditboards Forum members - What was the lucky backdoor workaround you discovered which bypassed the auto-decline UW blacklist ?
  3. Interesting article I found online regarding AmEx Optima... https://www.deseret.com/1988/8/14/18775051/popular-new-optima-card-has-customers-saying-charge-br-american-express-thrilled-by-experiment-in-of As shown in the article, the Optima was not initially designed to be a 2nd chance card, "You have to be an American Express member, you have to be someone who probably has a propensity to revolve and you have to be perfect in terms of your credit history,"
  4. Thank you for the congrats. I know AmEx says you have to wait 1 year, but hopefully they'll offer me an update sooner. I continue to clean up my bureau reports, pay down debts and keep working to get my score back up to where it was.
  5. Wahooo ! Received my new AmEx Optima card today. They even back dated my "Member Since" to 2008 which is when my original Amex Platinum Card was opened/approved.
  6. My account was not outside of SOL. AmEx Global Collections reached out to me twice, offering me the Optima card for paying in full. I was in a better financial position and agreed/accepted the offer. Now the balance is paid in full and I've been approved for the Optima card, I am very glad I accepted the offer and was successful in paying off the balance. I look forward to being off the black list and ultimately getting another Platinum Card. My suggestion would be accept the offer, pay off the balance (they allowed me up to 12 months pay), and work towards getting off the black list. As a side note, it will help your credit report as the balance reported as charged off will be updated to 0 once you pay in full.
  7. My account was 10 years old before it went to collections and charged off.
  8. The balance on my charged off platinum card was 5,300 and I was approved for 1,500. I want to get back in with AmEx ultimately getting another platinum card.
  9. Checked the AmEx Application Status page today, after speaking with New Accounts last Wednesday (1/27), I have not checked the Status Page since 1/27. This is the status as of today. I mailed the application from Florida (main USPS Post Office) on 1/11/21. Date Received Application Status of Application Action Required 01/20/2021 OPTIMA ACCOUNT Approved Congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days. If you requested a balance transfer to this card, click here to view the status of that transfer
  10. @DVD - Thank you for the guidance. Yes, I'm going to wait a few more days and check the online app status page as well as call if it does not appear. Yes, I copied the completed application and even the envelope in which I mailed the application to them.
  11. Just spent about 1 hour on the phone with AmEx new accounts and customer service.... They are telling me to wait a few more days, as they have not received the application. I called AmEx Global Collections and they told me to call new accounts. Customer service did confirm once they receive the application, the decision (approval) will be available on the online application status page. They could not advise me as to what happens if the application was lost in the mailing and not received by the offer expiration date of 2/4.
  12. Checked Online Application Status - No update, it shows SSN/Zip not found. Kind of concerning as it was sent back on 1/11 and now it is 1/25 (14 days) and the pre-approval is only valid through 2/4 which is rapidly approaching. Checked EX and EQ, no hard inquiries for Amex. Fingers remain crossed.
  13. Checked online application status this morning, no updates as of yet. My understanding is you can only have 1 Optima account, and all of your past due/charged off AmEx card accounts have to be paid in full Hopefully by weeks end, an approval will be received.
  14. No update on approval for Optima card. Mailed app on 1/11 from FL, with MLK holiday I would think it should arrive in Utah by weeks' end.
  15. Thank you for the congratulations. I will post an update once I get approval. I only had one account which went delinquent hence only one offer. From what I have learned the credit limit offered is some where around 30% of amount charged off and paid in full. When AmEx global collections made the offer they advised me I would be offered a 1500 limit. On the application I received it showed the same 1500 limit. Mine was not past SOL. It is my understanding you can only redeem one offer and have only one Optima card. I want to regain membership and my understanding this is the path. While I was paying I held a platinum corporate card via my employer which appears not to have created any issues.
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