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  1. Its on one of my CRs Esperian. You are correct I need to stay off the phone. Should I just send a Not MIne letter to CRA? I think I need to have the CA validate?
  2. Greetings CB, A CA called Credit Solution Corporation claims I owe money from a past credit card debt from WAMU. But I've never applied for a credit card from WAMU EVER! And now its on my CR. I called WAMU and they say they have no record of me ever having CC account with them. I call the CA and informed them their records are wrong and could they please verify the debt in writing. Well, they got pretty nasty on the phone, however I kept my cool and informed them I was aware of my rights under the FCRA. At that point they hung up. Soon after I sent a DV letter CRRRM. However, i got the l
  3. Last year. I owed the IRS money. I paid them in full by Jan 2005. At the time they had my account in their collections dept and they filed a lien. However, I contested the lien because they never gave me an opportunity to respond to the money owed. They agreed and sent me an apology letter basically stating they inadvertently filed the lien. Here is the problem. The lien appeared on my credit reports. I sent a letter to each one explaining the situation along with a copy of IRS letter. I asked each one to please remove lien from my credit report. TransUnion did it immediately, however,
  4. Esperian NCAC PO BOX 9595 Allen, TX 75013-9595
  5. Thanks again do you have a contact number for Experian?
  6. Thanks..but I sent it to Experian not Equifax
  7. There was no reason listed....I just get this orange slip from the post office saying letter was returned. I checked the address serveral times and no luck. Are they trying to encourage people to use online service??? Not certain what I should do next?
  8. Has anyone experienced this? I send two disputes to Experian by mail (and I green card them). Only to have my dispute letter returned in the mail...saying they won't accept. This is strange this hasn't happened to me before. Is there a new address for Experian? and does anyone have their customer hotline number? Thanks Keam
  9. Greetings! I have one neg on my Experian CR left. Its from Capital One. It says on my CR "Paid IN Settlement - Account legally paid in full for less than full balance" This is true..I did pay if off for less than full balance. It was for a credit card I ran up during college. The CR says -- It was Opened 11/1990 and Last Reported 8/1999. I know I paid it off for less than full balance in Fall 1995. But I don't have any documentation to prove. What kind of letter should I write to have this removed from my Experian CR. Thank you,
  10. I know this is a weird request...is there anywhere on this site i can find a tax abatement letter (interest and penalties] sample. I have searched high and low and no luck. Thank you,
  11. First thank you credit boards for all you assistance and information. I sent out a letter to EX disuting a late ayment on one of my tradelines. They sent a letter saying they deleted but they deleted the entire tradeline instead of the late ayment. what should i do.
  12. Yes, First Thank you CB for all your wisdom and knowledge. I have successfully deleted 7 negs from my credit..that were originally mine. I just did my initial reading and research and sent out the letters that can be found all over this forum. Just be determined...and it will be.
  13. Does anyone have a letter for deleting a TL that is over the 7 year limit thank you
  14. Cool..but i've been reading on this site that leaving a paper trial is very important..especially regarding disputes..with an email I can't send CMRRR what do you think??? I will definitely try email thank you,
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